Where Is The Fog Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

The Fog Skull is a pretty well hidden li'l nugget in Halo Infinite's campaign, so we're here to help you out!

Halo infinite fog skull
The Fog Skull is pretty well hidden in Halo Infinite's Campaign. | © 343 Industries

Are you feeling a little bit foggy, wobbling around Halo Infinite's Zeta Halo in a touch of a daze? Well, that would because you are subconsciously in the pursuit of the Fog Skull. Why, you may ask? Well, because the game wants to troll the hell out of you. Why else would the Boom Skull be a thing? Why else would the Mythic Skull exist? 343 Industries are huge trolls, and they are continuing that trend with the Fog Skull.

That goes for both the Fog Skull's physical location and its effect as well. Comparable to a lot of the many Skulls featured in Halo Infinite, this bad-boy is even more of a pain in the backside than most. Why do you want this? Perhaps to get yourself a LASO playthrough, or maybe just because you're a sadist? Well, either way, we're here to help. So listen up!

What Is The Fog Skull In Halo Infinite?

The Fog Skull disables your Motion Tracker in the Halo Infinite campaign. Whilst this doesn't increase the damage you take, or decreases your ability to inflict damage, it does make it much harder to locate the enemy. This can be extremely annoying in bigger, open areas where you may find yourself being shot at, but not be able to see the enemy. Honestly, it's a pretty ridiculous Skull and not fun at all. But it exists, so here's how to get it!

How To Get The Fog Skull In Halo Infinite

Following is a complete guide to take you both where to go and how to pick up the Fog Skull. You'll need to listen very carefully, as this is a bit of a tricky one to find. That being said, though, don't worry too much. The Fog Skull is not missable, as it is located on the Zeta Halo, so even if you've played a ton of the campaign already, you can still get yourself the Fog Skull!

Make Your Way to the Hexagonal Cliffs

Work your way down to the Hexagonal Cliffs southwest of FOB Alpha. This is located in the position labelled on the map below, which also lists all the other Skull's locations. You can see it in the upper northwest of the map, a little southeast of the Cowbell Skull's location.

Halo infinite skull locations map
The Fog Skull is in the cliffs southeast of the Cowbell Skull. | © 343 Industries & EarlyGame

Use The Grappleshot To Climb the Cliffs

Either use the Grappleshot to climb up the cliffs, or jump into a flying vehicle and jump out at the entrance and grapple into the small alcove. If using the former method, we would recommend fully upgrading your Grappleshot beforehand, and if using the latter, be very careful where you get out of the vehicle.

Locate the Fog Skull

The Fog Skull is located in this alcove, you will find it on the corpse of a dead Elite in the cave. It's actually very simple, but why the hell would you use this Skull, honestly? To make it easier for you, though, here's a quick video to help you locate the Skull. This shows you exactly where to start grappling and the best way to get into the cave. Enjoy!

So, there you have it! The Fog Skull! The next in a long line of trolling Skulls, designed to make your life just an absolute pain in the backside. Do you really, really want your Motion Tracker to be disabled? That doesn't sound fun at all... Well, I guess if you grab yourself that crazy Scorpion Tank Gun then it won't be too much of a problem! Anyway, cheerio...