Where Is The Black Eye Skull Location In Halo Infinite?

The Black Eye Skull is quite a bit of fun, and quite easy to locate.
Halo infinite black eye skull
The Black Eye Skull is located behind a waterfall on the Zeta Halo. | © 343 Industries

Once in a while a Skull comes along and punches you right in the face, giving you a big black eye in the process. Ironically, the Black Eye Skull doesn't actually do that. It's a fun little Skull that adds a little bit of challenge to the game in a way that doesn't take away from your enjoyment. Honestly, it's a fun little forker!

It is thus, with great pride and happiness that halfway through breaking down each of the vast assortment of Skulls in Halo Infinite that we stumbled upon this little baby. It ain't brutal like the Boom Skull, it isn't funny like the I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull, but it sits in a gorgeously little spot right in the middle. Absolutely delicious! Let's get on with the guide...

What Is The Black Eye Skull In Halo Infinite?

The Black Eye Skull in Halo Infinite causes your shields to only recharge when you melee a foe. This is a pretty crazy system, as it means that you will need to be super heavy on the melee if you want to keep those shields in decent shape. It's also a lot of fun, if we're honest, opening up many opportunities for interesting combat situations. Seriously, it's a much-recommended Skull, this one!

How To Get The Black Eye Skull In Halo Infinite

If you take a moment to read the following instructions carefully, take a look at the map below and follow the steps, you will find it very easy to get yourself the Black Eye Skull. It is one of the coolest Skulls in the game, and also one of the easiest to pick up.

Make Your Way To The Waterfall

The Black Eye Skull is located behind a waterfall in the southeast of the map, a little south of the Thunderstorm Skull. It is an area full to the brim with enemies, so make sure to be careful. Check out this map for a more specific location!

Black eye skull location
Here is the location of the Black Eye Skull. | © 343 Industries

Scan For The Skull To Locate It

You will want to, once facing the Waterfall, scan for the Skull. What this will do is give you an accurate signal as to where the cave is behind the waterfall, and thus make the next step easier. It's not necessary, per-se, but certainly makes things a lot easier.

Grappleshot Up to the Skull Cave

Once you have located it, use your sweet-as Grappleshot skills to pull yourself up into the cave at the back of the waterfall. This might take a few attempts as it is quite high up, and we recommend that you have upgraded your Grappleshot before attempting it. Alternatively, you can use a flying vehicle to get close, jump out, and grapple in.

Pick Up the Black Eye Skull

Once you are in the cave, you should crouch so that you'll fit and crawl into the opening. Once inside, grab the Black Eye Skull and enjoy!

Now, we know that a lot of you don't really like to read. If you're feeling a bit lazy, here's a quick video guide!

So there you have it! The Black Eye Skull is in your arsenal! Well, on your face, I don't know, I feel like there is a joke there. Anyway, equip it, have some fun and make sure to work your way towards a LASO playthrough, If you're struggling, make sure to try out that hella-cool Scorpion Tank Gun exploit. You won't regret it, trust us.