Halo Infinite Co-Dev Certain Affinity Teases Possible Battle Royale Mode

Halo Infinite's long-rumored Battle Royale Mode may be getting the support of co-dev Certain Affinity, teasing "New and Exciting Work".

Halo infinite battle royale certain affinity
What does the Certain Affinity partnership mean for Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Battle Royale is something that Halo Infinite doesn't need, but would certainly be nice. Whilst many people disagree with this assessment, I will stand by it, hands-down, as something that's completely unnecessary. Not every game franchise needs a BR, in fact, it would be nice if more developers were keen on taking on new ideas and fewer developers were simply reiterating upon an old and bland formula.

We already have Fortnite, we already have Warzone, we already have Apex Legends, do we really need another? Sure, it could add to Halo Infinite's longevity, but surely it would be better to find that longevity through something else, right? So far, though, 343 Industries have failed to deliver us a content-rich mid-Season update, and both Forge and Co-Op have been delayed. Maybe they should focus instead on getting this content out? After all, it should have been out at launch.

Now we have the news we were all expecting: Certain Affinity has joined 343 Industries with a "deeper" commitment to Halo Infinite, and has teased "new and exciting" work. This, combined with all the rumors surrounding Halo Infinite's potential BR mode, strongly hints at the game mode being developed at least in part by Certain Affinity. Could this be Raven Software to 343 Industries' Infinity Ward?

Certain Affinity Joins Halo Infinite Development Team, Teases New Content

Certain Affinity, an Austin, Texas-based development studio, has announced that they are dedicating significant resources to assisting with the development of Halo Infinite. In a tweet, the company announced that they are focusing on developing new content for the embattled shooter, and advertised their career page, which boasts more than 40 open positions.

We’ve been part of the @Halo franchise for more than 15 years and we’re honored to say we are deepening our relationship with 343 and have been entrusted with further evolving Halo Infinite in some new and exciting ways. Join us on our journey.

Whilst not everything that Certain Affinity is working on is Halo-related (they are also developing a new IP and working on Call of Duty), this reiteration of their commitment to the franchise puts more fuel in the fire of various rumors that have been circling of late. With Halo Infinite Season 2 coming out in only a few short weeks, though, we doubt that we will see the fruits of their labor until at least Season 3.

Could this be a Halo Infinite Battle Royale?

A number of weeks ago, Windows Central reported that a Battle Royale mode is being developed under the codename "Takana". This could very well be the "new and exciting" content that Certain Affinity are helping develop. After all, they also said that they are helping to "further evolve" the game, something that certainly suggests more than just a new map or new guns.

It is possible, of course, that they could be assisting with the production of Forge, a mode that has been plagued with leaks as of late, but it seems unlikely that they would be entering this late in the race. Forge won't be out until at least Season 3, sure, but it has been pretty clear that it is 343 Industries' baby, and no one else's. That leaves one strong likelihood: a Battle Royale is coming for Halo Infinite...