Halo Infinite's "Warzone" Battle Royal: All Leaks & What We Know

We're starting to get some details on Halo Infinite's long-rumored Battle Royale mode.

Halo infinite battle royale leak
Where are we dropping? | © 343 Industries

It was obvious to most that Halo Infinite wouldn't survive without a Battle Royale. Unfortunately, these are just the times we live in. If you're going to try and make a shooter successful, and you don't want to go down the competitive route, then you need a Battle Royale. It's tried and true, and the punters love it.

Whilst we knew a Halo Battle Royale was likely on the cards, we thought that we would need to wait at least a bit longer, especially given how poor follow-up content has been with Infinite (honestly, that pitiful mid-Season update is all you've got?). But apparently not, it seems a Halo Infinite BR is days away from a big reveal. So, let's all count ourselves lucky, because this could be the perfect franchise for such a mode.

Insiders Hint At Halo Battle Royale Reveal

Halo Infinite content creators and leakers have begun teasing the upcoming Battle Royale, and some of them have even shared the first images of this mode. Most of them refrained, and went with teasing pictures of ODST drop pods and such instead, but there's always going to be one or two that let the cat out of the bag:

Don't try and tell me "deployment keys" are from any other mode. This is obviously a Battle Royale. What else could it be for? It also looks, from these tweets, like a full reveal could be slated for before Season 2's May release date. Could that mean a Battle Royale before Christmas, or perhaps even before the end of the financial year? Now that would be wild!

Before we break out into another conversation about the dominance of Battle Royales, though, let's think first about how this would work in the context of Halo Infinite. It could be fantastic, right? More Apex than Warzone, but hopefully with a few twists of their own...

In the end, though, keep in mind that Halo Infinite's Battle Royale isn't even a confirmed reality. These leaks are, as their name suggests, leaks. They are unverified and simply rumors. It could very well fall by the wayside like many more of the features 343 Industries touted before the game's release back in December last year. Where's Forge? Where's Campaign Co-op? Do we really even need a Battle Royale? Some, like me, say yes. Some, like this far superior writer, say no. The reality, though, is for the crows to decide.