Last Spartan Standing Comes to All BTB Maps in Halo Infinite

With the Interference Event coming to an end, it's time to jump into Last Spartan Standing in all big team battle maps.
Halo infinite last spartan standing
Last Spartan Standing is basically Halo Infinite's Battle Royale. | © 343 Industries

With the final conclusion of Halo Infinite Season 2's Interference Event gracing us with its presence, it has the community wondering "What's next for Last Spartan Standing?" Well, here's what's next: the brand-new game mode is coming to all the game's Big Team Battle Maps. If you have checked out our list of all maps in Halo Infinite, then you'll know that means a lot of maps!

The thing about Last Spartan Standing, is that it really is the ultimate version of Halo Infinite. This game mode takes the fun of a mode like Gun Game, combines it with the overblown and overplayed genre of Battle Royale, and has created something truly unique. Now, the mode is growing, and we're starting to get pretty darn excited.

In addition, Last Spartan Standing is one of three new modes that came with Season 2 of Halo Infinite. It adds to the plethora of other great modes, both classic and new to Halo Infinite, and really puts a lot more value into the prospect of jumping into a round or two. What's the deal with the mode now, though?

Last Spartan Standing Getting a Permanent Playlist

Last Spartan Standing looks to be a long-standing (heh, get it?) member of the Halo Infinite modes catalog. It is joining the game as a Permanent Playlist, playable on any of the game's several Big Team Battle Maps. Those maps are as follows:

  • Breaker (Season 2 Map)
  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • Highpower

Ultimately, it's not just the Game Mode that makes the game fun to play. It's also about the map, and with the addition of Breaker in Season 2, Halo Infinite has an absolutely fantastic selection of Big Team Battle Maps right now.

These 12v12 maps are vast, include a plethora of vehicles all ready for wide, open battles that will keep you in the game for a good amount longer than your standard Arena Battles. These maps are ideal for a Battle Royale style game mode, and with Last Spartan Standing, that's exactly what you're going to get.

When playing Last Spartan Standing, though, you're not scavenging for weapons and supplies. This is unlike most other boring Battle Royale games, and requires a lot more skill. As players progress they "level up" their loadout by killing other players and performing assists.

This means that as the round progresses, players get more and more powerful weapons. They even get access to things like Overshields as the match progresses. We have been playing the absolute crap out of this game mode since it launched, and really can't wait to dive into Last Spartan Standing on even more maps...