MultiVersus: LeBron James Guide - All Moves, Specials & Perks

In MultiVersus, LeBron James is one of the strongest characters to play with. But how can you master the baller's moveset? We will show you all moves and the best tips on our guide.

Multiversus Le Bron James
MultiVersus: LeBron James is one of the strongest characters in the game. | © WB

MultiVersus is a weird game, I'm sure that much you already knew. It features anyone from any Warner Brothers property, and we really mean anyone. Having Bugs Bunny, Batman, Jake the Dog and Shaggy fight each other is weird enough, but one of the strangest additions has to be LeBron James. While he might be a real person, he is obviously here because of his appearance in Space Jam 2, a film I have definitely seen. All fine and dandy, but how good is the MultiVersus LeBron James?

While the idea of fighting Superman with a man who throws balls might scare you off, you should know that LeBron is one of the strongest characters in MultiVersus. Those balls have power, believe us. We will show you everything you need to know about LeBron James in MultiVersus, including all moves and combos, his specials and the best perks for him.

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MultiVersus LeBron James: Overview

In MultiVersus, LeBron James is a heavy Bruiser, which means that he packs a big punch and that he can also take a lot of damage. He is a bit slower than most characters, but that is a decent trade-off. LeBron is not just a famous meme, but also a known team player, so he works even better in 2v2 than solo. He can attach his basketball to his teammates, making them able to throw it at enemies.

What you should consider is that every one of his moves has two variants: one with a basketball, and one without. That makes him one of the few projectile fighters in this game, giving him an advantage in melee as well as long-range combat. His attacks are usually stronger with the ball than without. However: he can only hold one ball at a time. If you lose it and don't have your Neutral Special ready, you will either have to wait for the cooldown or hit opponents in melee to get the ball back quicker.

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All Moves, Specials & Combos

Next to his normal melee attacks, LeBron also has a bunch of special moves. Here is every move for LeBron James in MultiVersus:

Move NameMove TypeAction With BallAction Without Ball
BucketsNeutral (Ground & Air)Throws ball at opponents, hold stick in any direction to throw it in different directions.Spawn new ball (cooldown)
L-TrainSide (Ground & Air)Powerful move, that makes LeBron jump into the air and dunk the ball downwards. Creates a shockwave with a large AoE and decent damage. If the ball is attached to your partner and they throw it, performing L-Train will make LeBron teleport to it, performing the move at that spot. Performing L-Train destroys the ball.Shoulder charge
Got Hops

Up (Ground & Air)

Performs a jump shot, sending the ball flying in a high ark. LeBron will also jump if this is performed in the air.Throw chal upwards (ground), or throw his arms upwards (air)
DeniedDenied (Ground & Air)Throw the ball directly downwards into the ground. Can also be performed in the air, to hit enemies that are floating or out of bounds.

Blocking stance, that can block projectiles

As you can see, the projectile champ is strong with this one. Throwing Buckets should be your standard move with LeBron James, obviously. It's a great combo starter in MultiVersus. After throwing his basketball, he can leap toward his opponent to get the ball back, then follow up that sucker with a neutral or forward attack in the air. Afterwards, he can try to continue with another aerial or a side-normal combo on the ground. If you time it well, it can really annoy the hell out of your opponents.

L-Train is great to kick others of the platform and Got Hops is effective against enemies in the air. Denied works similarly to many moves in Smash Bros., think of Down + B. Combine the normal moves and specials so that you launch opponents into the air, then either juggle them or kick them off the arena.

Best Perks

LeBron James has three signature perks in MultiVersus:

  • Hot Hands sets his basketball on fire if he does a no-look pass to his ally (back + special). Then, if he dunks the basketball, he will also ignite nearby opponents and create a firewall on the ground.
  • For Three makes your basketball more powerful, causing an explosion when it hits opponents.
  • Keep Possession gives LeBron and his teammates a shield to the life meter after a successful pass.

While all of these are useful, we recommend For Three, since the explosion is really powerful and can even knock enemies out of the arena. In terms of the general perks, we recommend this setup:

Perk NamePerk Effect
Make it Rain, Dog!Significantly increases projectile speed by 20%
I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge10% Cooldown refund after every successful dodge
Leg Day ChampIncreases jump height by 10%

The first two perks should be self-explanatory: higher projectile speed makes LeBron's ball even deadlier. This and the cooldown refund are absolutely key to keep bombarding opponents with the basketball. The third general perk is pretty much up to you, us personally we like the increased jump height. But you should try out different perks in that slot and see what is most comfortable for you.

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