MultiVersus Turns LeBron Meme Into Ultimate Attack

LeBron James is in MultiVersus now and the developers didn't pull any punches in his inclusion.

Multiversus Le Bron Dance
MultiVersus has LeBron James now, including a legendary meme with him.| © WB

The man, the myth, the receding hairline, the GOAT – LeBron James. He is in MultiVersus now and everyone kinda freaked out about it. Because it is kinda weird! It's weird to see an actual man, a real person, trading blows with Batman, Bugs Bunny and all the other WB characters in MultiVersus. LeBron is in the game as the version of himself from Space Jam 2 (hence the WB connection) and we have to give it to developer Player First Games... they nailed it.

LeBron feels really fun in the game, even though his moveset, mostly involving his beloved B-Ball, is not too surprising. Things get interesting when he loses his ball though... then you can recreate one of his most famous memes.

Legendary LeBron Meme Becomes Hilarious Attack in MultiVersus

When you are ball-less with LeBron, he has to use his hands to fight. When you hold the attack button, you can recreate LeBron's iconic reaction meme from Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, where a baffling move by JR Smith cost them the win. LeBron's reaction of utter confusion birthed a meme, and now that meme is in MultiVersus. Check the move out here:

This is absolutely hilarious and just shows how much love and care the developers put into recreating the iconic characters (or in this case, people) in their game. This is obviously not the only hilarious joke in the game. Ultra Instinct Shaggy is in the game, and you can also recreate LeBron's infamous chalk toss. Someone clearly did their homework here, and we're excited to see what First Player Games will keep putting in the game.