Gamers Want Walter White in MultiVersus & We Support Them

The MultiVersus community has been very vocal in their desire to have Walter White from Breaking Bad in the game. And we are all for it. Even the developers have commented on the movement now.

Multi Versus Walter White
MultiVersus fans want to see Breaking Bad's Walter White in the game. | © WB Games / AMC / EarlyGame (Montage)

MultiVersus is a weird game where anything goes. We have Batman fighting Shaggy fighting Bugs Bunny fighting Arya Stark. It's bonkers and people love it. People also love jumping onto bandwagons and asking for things petulantly, which is how we got here: A vocal group of gamers is asking for the inclusion of Breaking Bad's Walter White in MultiVersus. And when we say that it's a whole thing, we mean it.

There's a Twitter account dedicated to the cause called "Walter White For MultiVersus", which already has over 15k followers. People keep posting the hashtag #MrWhite4MVS, contacting developers and even the winner of the game's first tournament at EVO voiced his support. Will we get Walter White in MultiVersus, though?

Is Walter White Coming To MultiVersus?

No... at least not for a while. But don't click away just yet! There is hope, we promise. The reason that Walter White won't come to the game soon, is simple: Breaking Bad is not owned by Warner Bros., who is publishing the game and whose IPs have been featured in the game so far. That's it, really. However... I promised you hope, didn't I?

The #MrWhite4MVS movement has gotten the attention of developers Player First Games, and they responded. More concretely, it was Seinor Character Artist Dan Eder. He responded to fan art of Walter White in MultiVersus, saying: "As a massive Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fan, I would not say no to this."

Multi Versus Walter White Fan Art
This is what the big WW could look like in the game. | © WB Games / @MrWhite4MVS via Twitter

So, there you have it. The internet has been heard, the developers are into it and Walter White might come to MultiVersus at some point. But again, don't hold your breath for this happening any time soon. A selection of over 20 characters coming to MultiVersus has recently leaked, and Mr. White is obviously not on it. So at least for a while, the only WW in the game will still just be Wonder Woman.