MultiVersus: How To Toast Another Player

In MultiVersus, Toast is a sort of special currency that you can give to other players. But why and how do you toast players in MultiVersus? Here's everything you need to know.

Multi Versus How To Toast
MultiVersus toast is a special currency that you can give other players for rewards. | © WB Games

MultiVersus is obviously a strange game, just look at it. It's a wild mishmash of all kinds of franchises, styles and ideas, and it's hella fun. Of course, the wild creativity doesn't just concern the playable characters, but also other aspects of the game. And one of those things is toasts. Yes, we mean pieces of bread. I'm sure you have seen them in the game and wondered what the heck is up with that.

You earn toasts in MultiVersus and can then give them to other players. But what exactly does that mean? How do you give toast to another player? Thankfully, the answers are quite simple. We'll show you.

MultiVersus Toast Explained

Toast is a kind of special currency in MultiVersus. The game actually has a glossary, which you can access by clicking on the book icon on the left side of the main menu. In there, you get the following description for toast:

Tip you can award other players, granting them GOLD.

Pretty obvious, right? After every match, you can reward other players in MultiVersus, which grants them a neat little bonus of 25 gold. How nice! This is basically the game's version of saying "GG", but it's obviously a bit extra, and it actually benefits them.

Toast is not given away like candy, though. It is actually a premium currency of sorts, meaning that it is fairly rare and that you will have to buy it or earn it. A piece of Toast will cost you 350 gold. Talk about inflation, eh? There are other ways if you don't want to spend that much, though.

You can also earn toast in MultiVersus by leveling up characters or by progressing in the MultiVersus season 1 battle pass, which rewards you with tons of toasts. You get a number of toasts in the free tiers, but buying the battle pass will give you even more pieces of gilded bread.

How To Toast Someone in MultiVersus

Giving out the expensive entrée is pretty simple. To give toast in MultiVersus, click the icon above a player’s character at the end of the match. That's it! You have now made someone's day better, commanded them for their good play and slipped them a nifty 25 gold in their pocket. Ergo: you have made the world a better place. Congratulations. Now go back out there and earn more bread.