Mizkif Reveals How Much Money He's Making

Mizkif makes a lot of money
Mizkif doesn't hide his income numbers. | © Mizkif

Twitch streamer Mizkif decided to be extremely blunt about how much money he is making during one of his latest streams. Spoiler: it's a large number.

It's no secret that the most successful streamers are making a good living out of their craft. It is rare, however, to be hit with exact numbers, especially not coming from the source itself. Today's a lucky day for those who demand to know how much there is in a streamer's wallet, as Mizkif went all in on the numbers during a stream.

How Much Money Does Mizkif Make?

Mizkif makes enough to ensure his day-to-day life isn't bothered by money issues. Let's put it like that. During a stream, he received a straight-up question: what is the most money you've made all together in a month? His response was even more straightforward:

In the month of April I made $500.000.

There was a small grin on Mizkif's face right before he uttered that sentence. We can't fault the man, we would be grinning too if we were making that amount of dough in one month.

It's still a far cry from Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' alleged best month ever. The crazy-colored hair streamer recently made the claim that he took $5 million to the bank in a single 2018 month. We are pretty sure that Mizkif's income would be welcomed by almost anyone in the world anyway, so we're not going to feel bad for his loss in this particular comparison.

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