Apparently Streamers Are Now Cheating For Clout, Thanks Nadia

When it comes to gaming, people hate cheaters and hacker! So how come streamers are now fake "cheating", or or growing tremendously through cheating accusations?

Warzone Cheating Zurly
Seems like Zurly won't stop "cheating" | © Twitter/Zurly, Activision

Cheating in Warzone has been an issue for a while now and for streamers, is something they don't want to get caught doing. It could end your career as a streamer, as you lose all credibility, especially regarding your skills as an epic gamer.

So What Is The Story?

Zurly, who is well known for his Call of Duty movements clips, staged himself getting caught, installing a cheat engine. People thought that stuff was legit, and maybe that was the intention. Why the hell would somebody even do that? For the Lols? Or maybe to get clout, because of how big Hacker Hunter videos are right now. People HATE Hackers and cheaters!

If you're interested, here's the clip:

I mean, that makes it pretty obvious that him getting caught "cheating" is staged and fake, but it seems he has been called out for cheating way before. So maybe it's a stupid joke, like "Haha you caught me, but I am so obviously not cheating". So I guess his ultimate goal was to ridicule the original claims, which might just have worked in the opposite direction. Him getting "caught" cheating was just him baiting people, right?

It seems to work for clout as well, though. I mean, this sh*t gets covered on Twitter and everything. Guess he learned that trick from the popular Warzone streamer Nadia, who is also involved in cheating accusations and since, is more popular than ever.

Maybe they will have a better Anti-Cheat in MW2:

Nadia: Growing Through Cheating

Nadia is the biggest female Warzone streamer and mostly rose to popularity in the last year. Her growth was crazy, as her Twitch channel absolutely exploded in 2022. She went from like 185 average viewers in June, to about 4,000 in September! Funny how that is the same timeframe, the cheating accusations started.

The accusations started in June, and content that "proved" that she is cheating was doing incredibly well on YouTube. That also translated to more exposure for Nadia, as is evident in her extreme growth, that rivals even streamers like Ludwig.

In September, she faced her biggest cheating allegations, yet, when she performed absolutely miserable at a Call of Duty Lan-Tournament, where she obviously couldn't have used hacks. The most recent event, regarding her cheating allegations, show her getting shadowbanned in Warzone. Which means, if she stays shadowbanned she is guilty, if she gets unbanned, she is probably innocent. So maybe we will get a final answer.

She herself has been playing off the allegations since the beginning, but also kinda been fueling the fire, by taunting and provoking her "haters".

She even uses a tactic, similar to Zurly, where she jokes about the allegations.

She sure knows how to ride the wave here and use the haters to her advantage, gaining exposure and clout. I mean, most streamers just shut them up, but using them seems way more effective. No wonder, Zurly is now trying the same thing. Probably.

So what is Zurly's take on getting called a cheater?

Pretty petty to be honest. But it is the same strategy of leaning into the allegations for content and getting people riled up and interested to find out if it is true. It's actually a brilliant tactic for as long as you can keep up the mystery.

But let's see if getting "caught" cheating is the new meta on Twitch. For Nadia, it worked, but that doesn't mean anything.

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