Warzone Shadowbanned: Windows 11 is Breaking Call of Duty

warzone shadowbanned windows 11
Windows 11 is a bit of a problem for Call of Duty. You might get Warzone Shadowbanned! | © Activision & Microsoft

The latest Warzone Shadowbanned catastrophe has innocent players being shoved into lobbies with known cheaters. It seems that the Warzone Shadow Banning problem has something to do with Windows 11, and we're here with all the latest info.

What on earth is going on? Why are players being shadowbanned in Warzone? Why is this still a thing? Surely, Activision has their bollocks together at this point - but apparently not. Players on Windows 11 seem to be getting the Warzone Shadowban treatment, and it is pretty tedious to be honest...

Well, well, well. There's a lot going on in Call of Duty at the moment. CoD 2021 is on the horizon, Warzone and BOCW Season 4 is in full swing, and we've got all the info right here on EarlyGame! Here are a few highlights...

What is Warzone Shadowbanned?

A Warzone Shadow Ban is when players are put into matchmaking with players who have been deemed to be cheating. It is not exclusive to Warzone, but is a world-wide phenomena for most modern Call of Duty games, as well as other shooters like Battlefield and PUBG.

The problem with being Warzone Shadowbanned is that you may end being stuck playing matches with known cheaters. That's just no fun at all, is it? Nope. Not at all. To be honest, it's kind of bull[expletive] and we're pretty unhappy about the whole thing. Why, oh why, is this still a problem? Get your [expletive] together, Activision!

Okay, enough pretending to swear. Here's an overly-long video which exemplifies exactly what we're complaining about.

Why is Windows 11 a Problem for Call of Duty Shadow Banning?

Players are reporting that the pre-release version of Windows 11 can get you shadow banned in Warzone. We imagine that, if reports are true, this could also be the case in other games as well. In particular, it seems that players of games which use anti-cheat programs have a bit of a problem with Windows 11. Isn't that just neat?

Keep in mind that Windows 11 is, as the current versions actual name suggests, pre-release. Think of it like an alpha, or a beta. It's dodgy, not everything will work as it is supposed to. Thus, if you generally don't want to be stuffed around, wait for the full release.

It is yet to be confirmed that Windows 11 is causing Warzone Shadowbanning, but it could be true. We recommend that, generally, you should wait until an operating system is properly released before you adopt it. Your home ain't your castle anymore. It's your PC. You wouldn't light a fire before the fireplace is built, would you? Don't be stupid.

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