Call of Duty's Anti-Cheat Lets You Play God Mode Against Hackers

Activision's war against hackers in Call of Duty has been raging for years. What's the latest invention Activision brings forward to banish hackers once and for all?

Co D Roze
How many more Roze skins are going to die innocently until Activision gets rid of hackers? | © Activision

The threat that hackers and cheaters pose to the latest Call of Duty games has grown larger over the recent years, so Activision took action and implemented their new anti-cheat engine called Ricochet in October 2021. Although said hackers went their way to crack that engine as soon as it was active for merely a day, Activision's developers and especially the people working on Ricochet didn't give up on their newest invention.

What's Activision's Newest Tool To Combat Cheaters?

During the recent days Activision's anti-cheat-engine received a significant upgrade. It can not only detect cheaters or hackers that enter a round and start their dirty work, it also actively intervenes into the game. It gives not only players that are being targeted by the hacker but every single one in the lobby the tools to deal with the bad guys once and for all.

As soon as the hacker starts shooting at other players after already being identified by the Ricochet-engine, all his cheating bullets fly right back at him! That's because the anti-cheat-engine grants all players a shield which not only absorbs any damage courtesy of the scummy cheater but actually "ricochets" it...see what they did there? Activision surely seems to have a refreshing sense of humor.

Now take a look yourselves at what's happening, when a cheater is getting to work on his seemingly defenseless prey. It's absolutely hilarious and joy-inducing.

This is by far the best thing I've seen all week! We can only hope, that we'll get to see many more of such compilations.

How long will this feature be active? No safe answer to that. Best thing we can do is pray that it lasts as long as possible. Hackers and cheaters are driven by their urge to gain an unfair advantage over every single player in any possible way. So it's probably not going to be forever. Still, it's a very positive sign from Activision and especially the guys and girls working on the Ricochet-engine that they're not giving an inch of breathing room to those scumbags.