Warzone Hackers Make Fun of Developers

The new anti-cheat RICOCHET hasn't been live for long and already the first hackers have bypassed the system and are openly mocking the developers.

Where are the hackers
Where are the hackers? | © Activision

Warzone has had problems with hackers and cheaters for ages - serious problems to be exact. In the past few months, the whole thing went so far that even big streamers changed the game and some players cheated in tournaments. That's exactly why players were so excited when it was announced that Vanguard was finally introducing an anti-cheat to Warzone. After Warzone players had to be patient for a while, the new anti-cheat called RICOCHET went live with Season 1 and promised to rid the game of hackers. Shortly after RICOCHET was activated worldwide, we already took a look at whether the anti cheat works.

At the time, we read many comments that suggested that the majority of cheaters were not only detected, but even permanently banned from Warzone. However, recent reports from some players show that there are still hackers in Warzone and they even have the audacity to openly mock the developers.

Cheaters Mock Developers

RICOCHET is an anti-cheat running at kernel driver level, which should make it pretty damn hard to bypass. However, it seems that some cheaters have managed to do so. Numerous players report lobbies in which they were destroyed by players with special names, some of whom had absurd stats that can only be achieved with cheats.

Cheaters openly mocking Raven. from CODWarzone

As you can see in the screenshot above, the players in the squad shown have names like "YesImHacking" or "ITz-NoT-LUCK" and one of the players even managed to insert the logo of the developer Raven Software as a clan tag. We don't need to mention, that this logo is not actually available in the game. The player who shared the screenshot also stated that the squad in question had around 70 kills, which is extremely unlikely unless you're Aydan.

However, this doesn't seem to be the only time that cheaters openly admit to cheating. If you search a bit on Reddit, you will find a lot of player names like "NiceAnticheat" or "ActivisionLoL" and also emojis or other symbols as clan tags, which are actually not available.

But what does this mean for Warzone and RICOCHET?

Is RICOCHET Useless?

No, not at all! With RICOCHET there is finally a real Anti Cheat, which has already banned countless cheaters and has not only banned accounts, but also imposed hardware and IP bans. Of course, there will always be some clever hackers who can somehow bypass the anti-cheat – no anti-cheat system is completely safe – but thanks to the structure of RICOCHET, the system is constantly learning and is constantly fed with new data that prevent new methods of cheating.

To make a long story short, yes, there are still cheaters in Warzone, but significantly less than before the introduction of RICOCHET.

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