Massive Warzone Streamer Caught Cheating Red-Handed!

A Warzone trick-shotter has been caught cheating. He's working to scrub all the evidence off the internet, but his accusers say it's too late.

Streamer Cheating Warzone
I wonder what Price would think of someone like this. | © Activision / SideLogic via Twitter

Warzone streamers have been caught cheating on countless occasions in the past. And we get it, sometimes fans overreact, but it's a known fact at this point: some streamers are just using cheats to build an audience and post isolated clips. SideLogic, is one of them, apparently. Well, we say apparently...his accusers are putting out lots of evidence on social media right now. And while SideLogic is working to have as many of them copyright struck as possible right now, most of the evidence is pretty easy to find with a simple google.

What Evidence Is There Against SideLogic?

The original video which broke down the evidence was reported as copyright infringement by SideLogic and is currently unavailable, but content creator Rara has promised to release a follow-up which will show how SideLogic is using a side monitor and cheats. Here is how Rara explains the current situation:

And as we explained previously, other accusers have begun sharing and re-uploading supposedly guilty clips. Our advice is to wait for Rara's next vid though, he'll bring the high-quality breakdown that explains exactly how the cheats work.

How Has SideLogic Responded?

SideLogic took to Twitter immediately, claiming that the accusations have been levelled against him by an ex of some sort, he's also saying that "there's always two sides to a story and I will speak my side soon". But he hasn't followed up with "his side" yet, so for now we just have this Tweet:

Oh, you poor thing. No one is going to believe there are 2 sides to this SideLogic, just accept that you've been caught and work on a new style of content. Maybe try a new game even?