NFL x CoD Collab Coming

The NFL might be coming to CoD, as a picture of a hacker surfaces, who is using an operator skin that looks like a football player. We all know hackers have access to all sorts of skins, could this be one from a future event?

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Which NFL player do you want to see in CoD? | © Activision & NFL

Call of Duty has had a lot of collabs, and it looks like they aren't done yet. A recent hacker might have just leaked a future collaboration between the NFL and CoD. If you've watched the 2022 NFL Draft, you might have noticed some CoD crossovers at the event, and it seems like we will finally be getting it in the near future.

Is A CoD x NFL Collab Coming?

Officially, we don't know anything, but it does look like it. A hacker was seen running around with a skin that looks like a football player. Even though the skin doesn't represent any NFL team, we can assume that the NFL will be involved in some way or another. Here, take a look at the leaked skin:

My son just ran into this American football skin. from CODWarzone

As you can see, it's clearly an American Football uniform the player is wearing. Hackers often have access to unreleased content, and this wouldn't be the first time a hacker leaked something in CoD. The timing also fits perfectly. Season 4 of Vanguard is going to end 2 weeks before the new NFL season will kick off on September 8th.

Putting NFL skins in CoD would make a lot of sense for both parties in this case, as the NFL can hype up their new season – not that it's needed – and they can target a younger audience group, which is something a lot of companies want to do. No better way to do it than in Fortnite, to target the under 16s and then in CoD to target everyone up to the age of 30. This would also help the NFL expand its fan base outside the US, as CoD is known worldwide.

For Activision, this partnership also makes a lot of sense because this will help them make their game more mainstream and accessible to a bigger group of people. The NFL is by far the most watched sport in the US, so to have a partnership with them would mean a huge audience for advertising. Activision already hinted at this partnership, when they had NFL prospects test their new game. Some prospects were also seen wearing a CoD pin during the NFL Draft.

Seems this collab was some time in the making and not a spur of the moment type of deal. This could set up even more collabs with other sporting league for MW2, like the NBA. But until either the NFL or Activision officially say anything, we should lower our expectations.

When Will The NFL Skin Come To CoD?

As previously mentioned, we don't even know if the collab is coming at all, but if it does come, it shouldn't be available until season 5. We already stated the fact that the NFL season would be kicking off on September 8th, and that season 4 of Vanguard was going to end 2 weeks before, which is the 25th of August.

A release at the end of August would make the most sense, as the NFL preseason will be coming to an end, with the regular season starting shortly after. This would generate more hype for the NFL season, and if they make team skins available, you'll be able to support your favorite NFL team in CoD, which would be pretty sick.

What do you think of this potential collab, and which ones do you want to see in the future? I hope it's true, it combines two of the things I love the most.