Mizkif Is Back | Is He Still With OTK?

Mizkif is back on Twitch after allegations that he helped cover up a sexual assault scandal. His idea of apologizing? Whining about his own suffering and not saying a damn thing about the whole situation.

Mizkif Is Back on Twitch. | © Twitch/Mizkif

Mizkif has been caught with his pants down by Trainwreckstv, during the sexual assault allegation drama regarding his roommate CrazySlick. Train, who was lashing out because he got called out for gambling on stream, uncovered, that Miz actually went full Mafia Don and tried to cover up the sexual assault claims, made by AdrianahLee in 2020. After the situation exploded in his face, he even downplayed the harassment on an alt account, calling it "not a big deal". Since then, he has been placed on leave by OTK while the whole thing is being investigated by a third-party legal organization.

After that catastrophe, Mizkif took a three-week break from streaming, just to return yesterday and make a public statement. That short stream has since been deleted, and was received with a sh*t storm. It seems people are not ready to forgive him. Probably, because he just keeps undermining sexual harassment. Guess he is too used to drama farming, and now wants to farm his own. Stupid, but I mean, that earned him most of his money.

Streamers in general like to farm drama. Like when Andrew Tate was a thing. Streamers were cashing in on that like crazy!

Hasan Calls Out Mizkif

Hasan chimes in. | © Twitch/Hasanabi

After his stream, Twitter blew up with people calling out his behavior. I mean, the dude even played a parody of a sexual harassment PSA for use in the workplace, talk about distasteful. Quick tip, if you are under fire for undermining sexual harassment, don't joke about sexual harassment.

That shit is serious, and sadly it seems pretty widespread:

One of the people calling out Mizkif for this, was fellow streamer, Hasanabi:

You can tell he is still being nice in this clip, I mean, have you watched some of his streams? Hasan is pretty well known for getting heated while debating or arguing. Especially when it comes to women's rights and injustice. In this case, though, he is staying rather civil, which is pretty surprising. You can tell that the two of them are friendly, but that doesn't mean Hasan is justifying or defending Mizkif. All he did was point out Mizkif's mistakes regarding his handling of the situation. xQc reacted to Miz's stream as well.

Mizkif though, doesn't seem too happy with his friends making statements and taking stands regarding his drama, even though, if it was them, he would be the first person to capitalize on it. I guess it's not that funny when it happens to you?

Regarding the investigation, Mizkif claims that he is very confident in the law firm. I guess that means, that he thinks he will walk out of this without any repercussions and stay with OTK. If Twitter has any say in that, I don't think he will. They want to cancel his ass, like they did with Andrew Tate and people around him. People are still mad, and it shows, so I don't know if OTK is willing to associate themselves with Mizkif any longer. Let's see how the situation will unfold.