Twitch Is Dying & Here Is Why

Twitch is dying, again. Ludwig made the claim in 2021, and I am making it now. Am I wrong? We will see.

Twitch is Dying
The Death of Twitch. RIP | © EarlyGame

Twitch is dying and there is nothing we can do about it. Well, maybe. Let's find out.

In 2021, the popular content creator Ludwig Ahgren made the bold statement that Twitch was dying. His reasoning, too much reaction content, a very popular form of content, would eventually bore viewers. I mean, it's still more entertaining than just watching Amouranth sleep, though. In 2022, he made the same statement again!

But not only has he made this statement twice now, he even left the sinking ship.

Not too long ago, Ludwig signed with YouTube Gaming, and he was not the only one. Sykkuno, another huge streamer, also left Twitch and signed with YouTube. I mean, there have been other websites, like Mixer, that tried to dethrone Twitch, but YouTube might actually do it!

Not only will YouTube just never go bankrupt, like Mixer did, but it also seems like Twitch isn't as dominant as it used to be.

Twitch's Downfall

You would guess that a pandemic with lockdowns and everything would help Twitch reach new heights with a bunch of new viewers and a load of watch time. But as it stands, Twitch barely managed to get new users.

The reason? Twitch's reliance on its big names like xQc, Ludwig, Shroud, NickMercs and so on. But wait... Ludwig? Oh yeah, as I already mentioned, Ludwig, the streamer who broke Ninja's record for the most subscribed channel, left. And there will be others. In the past, Twitch lost big streamers to its competitors multiple times. Disguised Toast, Dr. Disrespect, Ninja, Shroud just to name the big ones.

Twitch's biggest assets are its brand name and its big streamers. Once those streamers leave, so will the viewers, and with them, Twitch's brand name.

But why are those streamers leaving? Well first off, would you refuse a million Dollar deal, with little to no repercussions? So, why not get paid to switch off a platform you had problems with before and even get paid big bucks for it?

TOS is just a huge pain in the ass! A lot of streamers got banned, just because for a split second, you could see some nudity, blood or other NSFW stuff. Others even got banned for seemingly no reason! The reasons for bans are not transparent at all, and many streamers already voiced their discontent with how Twitch manages bans.

Here are the most popular examples of streamers that got banned:

This just shows that even though Twitch is highly dependent on their big names, they do little to nothing to keep them from leaving the platform.

Twitch Wants Your Money

Even worse, Twitch is driving viewers away and making streamers even more unhappy by spamming shitty advertisement for 3 minutes straight and taking more money from them. Seems like Amazon wants to milk this cow until it's dry. What I'm referring to, is that Twitch now wants a bigger cut of the money that content creators get for subscribers.

So, to sum up, not only are they losing streamers anyway, they also do little to nothing to make them stay. Even worse, they introduce more advertisement and monetization, that makes streamers, as well as viewers, unhappy. I always thought business people at Amazon had to be smart. Well, sure doesn't seem so.

So let's all just prepare for, and welcome, our new future streaming Overlord! Can't wait to use the phrase "the king is dead, long live the king" in this context.