PewDiePie's $40 Million Net Worth Is False! Here's the Truth

PewDiePie has stacked up the cash for the past decade, but what is his net worth? It's a question a simple Google search fails to answer, so we're digging deeper...

Pewdiepie net worth
PewDiePie has millions upon millions of reasons to smile. | © PewDiePie via YouTube

PewDiePie's breakout feels like ages ago, and while researching this article, I realized... hey, I was right! I am somehow shocked by the fact that he's growing old, and we are growing old with him. Anyway, for the last decade the Swedish YouTube sensation PewDiePie has been making more money than a lot of us can compute. How much precisely? It's difficult to tell, but we will make an attempt.

You would think that the fact that PewDiePie is making most of his money on YouTube should make estimating his net worth easier, but it sadly doesn't. A quick net search reveals that PewDiePie has been making anywhere between 9 and 16 million US dollars since becoming the most popular YouTuber on the planet seemingly overnight back in 2013. That's 7-8 years with an average of around $12 million, which lands him at anywhere in the $80-100 million realms.

Two things to clarify about those numbers, though:

  1. This is income before taxes.
  2. Income does not equal net worth.

A short and sweet Google search won't do the trick this time, instead we have to actually do a little bit of research (shock, horror!). We will save you the click, though: most experts are estimating that same $40 Million USD. That's not entirely true, though, that 40 million could potentially be off by a lot. How do we know that? Well, by asking Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg himself.

What is PewDiePie's Net Worth?

By the Swede's reaction upon seeing that $40 million figure, we can safely assume that his actual worth is at the very least 50% over that number, so $60 million. We can't really go for much more over that, but $60 million is still pretty damn respectable for someone that started as some dude screaming while playing horror games.

In the end, though, PewDiePie's pretty clear response in the above video makes it pretty darn obvious that his real-life net worth more than $40 Million USD. Coed actually agrees with our prediction of $60 million, making the claim that his net worth hit that value all the way back in 2018. Other sources suggest differently, but we're going to go with this number because we like to be self-congratulatory. Yay!