What Is MrBeast's Net Worth?

MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers out there and makes content, that entertains millions of people. But how much money can you make through his kind of extreme and expensive content? I mean, most of the time, he is just giving away money.

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. MrBeast is one of the most famous people on the internet. His videos often involve either crazy challenges, or displays of heartwarming generosity. That's probably why he is so well liked. I mean, he also does a sh*t ton of charity work, like when he donated 1 million meals to families in need, or his TeamTrees and TeamSeas projects to combat climate change.

If you're interested in the net worth of another gigantic YouTuber:

Jimmy is also famous for investing a lot of the money he earns, back into his videos. I mean, in his most recent upload, he hunts people for $1.000.000. That sounds like a horror movie, but I don't think he kills them. Maybe.

MrBeast's Net Worth

So now that we've established who MrBeast is and what he does, let's get into the thick of it. How much money does he make?

Let's add up some numbers:

  • MrBeast has 184.81 million subscribers combined on all of his YouTube channels
  • His main channel got 364.5 million views in the last 30 days.
  • On all his channels combined, it's about 761 million views in 30 days
  • YouTubers average about $3-5 per 1000 viewers on their videos

So if we combine the views from all his channels, Jimmy should make about $3.043.592,50 per month. That's without sponsorships, merchandise etc. just the ad revenue from his videos.

Then there is also the other assets he possesses, like houses in Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Those would probably be another few million Dollars. He also has a luxurious car collection. If we estimate the worth of those assets combined it should easily be around 20 million Dollars, I don't think that would be low balling. I mean, do you know how freaking expensive a house/apartment in New York is? And I'm sure he didn't go for a cheap one.

And he might even be purchasing something bigger, like a social media platform:

If we add his yearly income and his assets together, that makes it a whopping $56.5 million. So we could say that's his Net Worth. But he also has his MrBeast Burger restaurant, so I'm going to add another few million, to make it $60 million. Sounds about right.

This dude just keeps winning, and I'm not even mad. In my opinion, he deserves his success. And not to forget, he spends a ton of money and stuff on his videos, so it's hard to tell how much of the money he keeps. But I mean, he can afford like five houses and a few luxury cars, so I think he's doing just fine.