Is YouTube Killing Twitch? This Is What Asmongold Says

There have been quite a number of streamers leaving Twitch for YouTube. This trend might just kill Twitch. At least Ludwig seems to think so. What is Asmongold's take on the whole thing?

Twitch v YT
This topic ist just always good content for Ludwig, that Asmongold can then react to | © Twitch/Asmongold, YouTube/Ludwig

We have been covering this topic for a while now, streamers are leaving Twitch and joining YouTube Gaming. But will this development, ultimately, kill Twitch? Maybe I guess. But who could analyze this better, then the streamers themselves.

But if you don't want to watch a 30-minute video, here is the gist of it.

Two of the most prominent figures who have addressed this topic are Asmongold and Ludwig. While Ludwig is arguing that Twitch is kinda dying anyway, Asmongold doesn't think so.

In a recent video, Ludwig addressed the switch to YouTube by fellow creators FaZe Swagg and Fuslie. He claimed that YouTube is strategically picking content creators out of certain groups and categories. For example, a lot of the biggest Warzone streamers are now on YouTube. He then addresses the problems with switching to YouTube, like falling off, it being a worse livestreaming experience etc.

Asmongold makes the argument, that YouTube won't be killing Twitch, because streamers are only moving to YouTube because they are getting paid a lot of money, or are banned on Twitch. And even Ludwig points out, that there are not enough people switching over, without signing. Twitch is only starting to die, the moment people start to move on their own.

But getting paid for leaving can get you rich:

And that's kinda true if you think about it. People are switching for the money, not for the experience or the community. But does YouTube have enough money to keep up the pace of buying big streamers? It's owned by Google, so probably yeah, but is it worth it? I mean, that sh*t's expensive!

It might be a different thing, if YouTube improves on the points Ludwig mentioned. If they improved the streaming experience overall, like their Live-Tab, the chat etc. they might actually be a threat. Or Twitch just keeps downgrading their own website, by removing Twitch Prime or something. That might do it as well.

I guess we can say, that YouTube will probably outlive Twitch, simply because it is so much bigger and the concept of videos just works better in my opinion, but that doesn't mean it's actually killing Twitch.