Twitch Partner Program Changing: More Ads Are Coming

The Twitch Partner Program is changing, and while it's looking better for streamers, it's looking worse for viewers...
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Another blunder from Twitch? Or could this be a good thing? | © Twitch

We're not here today to talk about all the rude things that happen on Twitch. Nope, we're here to present you with the new rules coming to the Twitch Partner Program. Now this is all a leak so far, but it comes from a very reliable source, so we're fairly certain that these new rules will come to pass. Long story short, it's going to be a fairer system for the Partners, but worse for the viewers. Here's what we know so far.

Changes Coming To Twitch Partner Program

According to one of our favorite leakers, the Twitch Partner Program is changing, and it looks like they want to make the system generally more fair for streamers. Among the changes being looked at are new advert incentives, no more streaming exclusivity, and a new tier system for fans.

Will this help resolves Twitch's problem of being so top-heavy in its talent pool? Or will up-and-comers continue to choose other platforms over Twitch to develop a following? That's yet to be seen, but here are the exact changes:

As a viewer, this is obviously bad news. More adds aren't what anyone asked for. But Twitch has been rightly criticized for taking advantage of it's content creators, so this feels like a step towards a fairer system of monetization.

We'll keep you posted if we see these changes officially go into effect.