The New Among Us? $3 Game Taking Over Steam & Twitch

Vampire Survivors is a simple game that you can get for just $3, and yet, it is taking over Steam. Why? Well... read on.

Vampire survivors game
Your new addiction. You're welcome. | © Vampire Survivors

Every once in a while, an indie developer strikes gold and their game goes through the roof. The latest to join the ranks is Vampire Survivors, which has already amassed over 37,000 concurrent players over the last 24 hours on Steam, with audiences of around 139,000 viewers on Twitch.

What Is Vampire Survivors?

The game has roguelike elements and is just an absolutely chaotic mess, in the best sense of the word. Essentially it is a twin-stick shooter with auto-attacks, that's all about staying alive and collecting XP, while you just decimate everything in your path. It's almost Shoot-Em-Up like in the way you just obliterate everything, but rather than explain everything, here's a Twitter user perfectly capturing the chaos in a short video:

The game itself is well crafted: You can pick from a number of starting characters with different abilities, and from here, you level up whichever weapons fits your playstyle. The game has the common roguelike loop, but it has a pace that is much, much more frantic than games like Hades or Curse of the Dead Gods.

Simply put, the game puts fun back in gaming, and always stays true to what our favorite hobby is all about: Wasting time without feeling so, or even realizing you're doing it. It's the epitome of 'just another run', and then you're sitting there, realizing you have about two hours of sleep left. Keeping in mind that the game only costs $3, and it's no surprise that it's so successful.