Spider-Man 2 Leak: Reveal Sooner Than Expected

Spider-Man 2 will be released in 2023 and besides the trailer, we still didn't get to see these Hollywood-level combat animations. A Leak showed, that maybe we'll get a first peak at the gameplay really soon, and we will tell you when!

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 could be revealed soon. | © Sony

Spider-Man 2 will probably be one of the biggest game releases in 2023. The trailer was epic, and the fans are super hyped. But when will we get more updates? Sony has been oddly quiet about the game. Since we've got the trailer, we didn't get any reveals. But according to a Tweet from leaker Millie Amand, we could finally see some in game footage soon.

Spider-Man 2: First Gameplay Footage Incoming?

Amand, who has allegedly teased wolverine before it was officially announced, now revealed new information about Spider-Man 2 on Twitter. Apparently, an employee of Marvel asserted, that the ‘Fluidity’ and ‘visual punch’ of Spider-Man 2 is striking, while another employee thought they were watching a cutscene. Millie also claimed that the Spider-Man 2 gameplay will be shown soon. Whether this leak is valid or not, we don't know. But with the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase coming up on September 9th, it wouldn't be too surprising if some Spider-Man 2 gameplay was revealed on the event.

Sony hasn't yet announced a date for this year's PlayStation showcase, which is weird because the last showcase is now precisely one year ago. At the last year's PlayStation showcase, Sony revealed the Spider-Man 2 trailer. Considering that the release of the game is planned for 2023, now would be the perfect time to give us a glimpse of its gameplay.

It's only a few days until we find out if the Disney & Marvel Showcase will bring us any good. If we hear anything new, we'll keep you up to date.