Insomniac Working on Multiplayer Spiderman Multiverse Game?

Insomniac, aka the Marvel game-smiths, are working on a multiplayer game. Here's what it could be
Insomniac spiderman multiplayer multiverse
Please give us this as a multiplayer game, pretty please. | © Marvel

You gotta love job listings - they are basically one of the most reliable ways to get news on games these days. This latest job listing from Insomniac is no different, and strongly suggests that the devs are working on a new multiplayer game, and, give their history, there's reason to believe that said game could be the Spiderman Multiverse game we're all waiting for.

Insomniac Are Hiring for Multiplayer Game

Specifically, Insomniac are looking for an art director that understands "art direction for multiplayer games" and "can account for art direction within a multiplayer environment", while "assisting in pre-production planning and new IP development with creative directors". That's where the official part ends, and our speculation comes in.

While we can understand the sentiment of many who don't want Insomniac to exclusively make Marvel games, you have to admit... the Spiderman games are pretty dope, and we're all eagerly awaiting that Wolverine game. Also, do consider this: We have Spiderman 1, Spiderman Miles Morales and the announced Spiderman 2, so... what's missing there? Exactly: Into the Spiderverse. Also, what's better suited for multiplayer than a game that features various Spidermen? Again: Exactly.

Of course, this is all just me speculating, and Insomniac has many IPs to choose from, but Spiderman would be a logical candidate, not only because a multiplayer game is much requested and unprecedented, but also because Insomniac have proven to be capable at handling the friendly neighborhood spider.