Marvel’s Wolverine: Release Date, Latest News, Leaks & More

Marvel's Wolverine has been announced by Insomniac Games for the PlayStation. So, what information is known about this upcoming title?
Announcement Image
Get ready to experience Marvel's Wolverine on the PS5 | © Insomniac Games and Marvel

When Insomniac Games announced Marvel’s Wolverine at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, my excitement grew tenfold. Nobody had anticipated that Insomniac Games would reveal two of their upcoming games. However, they’d shock me and everyone else by announcing a single-player game for the Wolverine and Spider-Man. But what information is known about this game? You’ll be surprised. I’ve managed to locate various details on Marvel’s Wolverine. So, let's dive in.

[Update 26 April, 22]

Work on Motion Capturing for Wolverine Expected to Start Soon

Among the projects the developers at Insomniac Games are currently working on, is the action title Marvel's Wolverine. As lead animator Mike Yosh hinted at via Twitter, the start of motion capture work is apparently approaching. The dark adventure is still in an early development phase and is currently scheduled for a release in 2023. However, as Insomniac Games' lead animator Mike Yosh indicated via Twitter, the development of Marvel's Wolverine is making steady progress internally.

Yosh shared a picture of an empty Motion Capture Set, which should suggest that the relevant work is about to get started.

Whether we can look forward to official details or first impressions from Wolverine in the coming months, however, remains to be seen.

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When Is Marvel’s Wolverine Coming Out?

I cannot provide you with a release date for Marvel’s Wolverine. It’s been confirmed by Insomniac Games that this upcoming title remains in early development. Therefore, it will be sometime before we’re greeted with an official retail date. But this shouldn’t discourage anyone from Marvel’s Wolverine. Insomniac Games will have ample time to develop this title. For now, they will focus on developing the upcoming Spider-Man 2.

I’m fully supporting Insomniac Games' development schedule for Marvel’s Wolverine. Why might you ask? Because I’ve got high expectations after the release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I would prefer that this game provides an incredible experience and not something that isn’t memorable.

Who’s The Main Villain In Marvel’s Wolverine?

MW Teaser Claws 4 K Legal scaled
It's time to slice and dice our enemies in Marvel's Wolverine | © Insomniac Games

Here’s where things start getting interesting. I’d noticed in the announcement trailer that Madripoor is the primary location for Marvel’s Wolverine. This is surprising because most Marvel supporters aren’t familiar with the area. However, it’s a famous city that’s seen Logan battle against the likes of Magneto and Sabretooth. But everything suggests that the Wolverine will fight against a criminal syndicate similar to the first Spider-Man game, so there’s a possibility that Sabretooth and Magneto could be saved for the sequel.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been provided with an official account of the primary villain for Marvel’s Wolverine. But that could change in March 2022, when PlayStation hosts its showcase event. Make sure to check back with EarlyGame to learn about the upcoming release date.

Which Mutants Are In Marvel’s Wolverine?

The question looming on everyone’s mind is which mutants will be introduced in Marvel’s Wolverine? The possibilities are endless for Insomniac Games. I’d imagine that Jean Grey and Professor Xavier would appear within the storyline. Why might you ask? They are two characters that played a significant role in Logan’s life.

I’d be shocked if Insomniac Games avoided the introduction of Professor Xavier. But either way, we now know that mutants exist within the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man, and that’s a big deal. I'm personally hoping that Gambit will make an appearance in Madripoor's gambling district. It would make for an interesting mission.

Can I Download Marvel’s Wolverine Onto The PS4?

Unfortunately, Insomniac Games has confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine is launching exclusively onto the PS5. That means I’ll need to upgrade my console like many of you. I know it’s upsetting for anyone that wants to prolong their PS4’s lifespan. But don’t worry, there’s a good chance that everyone will have upgraded at that point, as Marvel’s Wolverine isn’t expected to release until 2024.

Everything We Know About Marvel’s Wolverine So Far | Features & Story Mode

MW Teaser Logan 4 K Legal scaled
Logan relaxes and has some whiskey after defeating his enemies in Marvel's Wolverine | © Insomniac Games and Marvel

Honestly, I didn’t expect to locate much information on Marvel’s Wolverine. This game remains in early development, as Insomniac has kept quiet about gameplay details, so there isn’t anything I can say right now about the story mode and features. The only thing I can confirm is that there will be a single-player campaign like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Otherwise, everything remains in an unknown state. I’m hoping that will change when the 2022 PlayStation Showcase is revealed. There should be more information available at that point.

Will Marvel’s Wolverine Have A Photo Mode?

I expect Marvel’s Wolverine to have photo mode available on day one. The same feature was available in both Spider-Mans. Honestly, I’d be disappointed if this feature wasn’t included, as there wasn’t anything better than capturing Peter Parker or Miles Morales in combat.

Will Marvel's Wolverine Have Any Game System Requirements?

Guess what? PlayStation has made its games available on the PC. I've experienced numerous exclusives like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PC. All that's needed is a streaming connection at 125mbs or higher. This should provide you enough bandwidth to stream any exclusive title that PlayStation launches in the foreseeable future. However, I’d like to mention that PlayStation doesn’t launch their exclusives onto the PC for months or years after their initial release, so there could be some wait before Marvel’s Wolverine is available on the PC.

Game Trailer

Surprisingly, the announcement trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine was somewhat disappointing. We didn’t get much information regarding what this game could entail. Instead, we got cinematic footage that showed Logan sitting within the Princess Bar in Madripoor. We see enemies laying behind the Wolverine after he’s murdered them with his adamantium claws. Then, someone stands up, and the fight’s about to start all over again. Other than that, nothing else is revealed about what this game could entail.