Ludwig's Net Worth Revealed

Ludwig quickly became one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, before he moved to YouTube. But what is his net worth?

The Plan is simple | © Ludwig via YouTube

Ludwig Ahgren became one of the biggest rising stars, Twitch had ever seen, when he beat Ninja's record for the most subs during his subathon. Now that he has moved to YouTube, this begs the question: How much money is he worth? He should have gotten a spicy deal by YouTube, right?

Ludwig Is Worth A LOT Of Money

Before Ludwig moved to YouTube, it was pretty easy to get a little insight into his earnings. Just look up how many subs he has and look up the amount, streamers get from that money.

Now that he switched to YouTube, though, it's not all that easy. His channel has been booming, though. Across all of his channels, he now boasts more than 6 million followers.

Still no MrBeast, though:

As of 2022, Ludwig's net worth is estimated between $7 million and $15 million. I know that is a wide range, but it's kinda hard to narrow it down, and different sources state different estimates.

We think a couple million seems appropriate, though, if you consider the net worth of some other big names that switched over from Twitch, like DrDisrespect.

Through his YouTube channel alone, Ludwig is estimated to have a monthly income of $200K. If you include sponsorships, assets, his merch, memberships etc. He never really disclosed how much exactly he is earning, though.

If we can say one thing, though, this estimated net worth might actually off by a long shot. We know that he probably got paid the big bucks y YouTube, but there could be other contracts we don't know about.

For example, his recent subathon he streamed live from Dreamhack, could have been a paid event to get his viewer base to buy tickets.