Markiplier Robbed Of Streamy Award: Why Everyone Hates The New Winner

Streamys 2023: This year's winners were announced just a few hours ago, and fans were shocked to see that Markiplier wasn't among them. Instead, the winner appears to be a quite controversial YouTuber.

No one could have foreseen this. │ @Markiplier

Markiplier – The man, the myth, the legend, and the sole heir to the Gamer of the Year award of the Streamys, at least everyone thought so. People were shocked to see a different face on the award stage this year.

Markiplier In His Denial Era – Who Won Best Gamer?

Many people hoped to see Markiplier win the Gamer of the Year award again. He managed to bag two awards last year, the other one being Best Scripted Series. This year's selection of fine gamers consisted of Aphmau, Caylus, Dream, TommyInnit and Mark (of course). For many of the YouTuber's fans, this seemed like an easy win for him.

And even the winner seems to agree – in his award acceptance speech, he says that he didn't expect to win. The winner of this year's Gamer award is Dream!

Dream got a lot of support from his own fan base, but many people were also pretty pissed about this decision. They noted how Dream had bread crumbed his YouTube community, only posting a video every few months (which weren't even gaming related for the most part), while Markiplier has been pumping out videos much more frequently.

There have also been serious allegations against him that allude to him being a groomer and racist. Nothing regarding those accusations has been confirmed, and Dream has also announced to take legal actions against them.

At least, Markiplier doesn't seem too shaken by this – or he has officially entered a blissful state of denial. Regardless, his community seems to play along.

In a Twitter post, the Influencer thanks the Streamys for his award (no one said that he is thanking for this year's win) and is able to fool at least some of his followers.

He has a serious grip on that award – I hope Mark is okay.

Let's send some love to Mark in these trying times. You should go ahead and gift him a Twitch sub.

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