MrBeast Won't Acknowledge These Countries & People Are Upset

MrBeast didn't only break his own record with his new video, he also sparked some controversy with it. When making the whole world compete in an insane version of the Olympics, maybe make sure to get the countries right to avoid making people upset?

MrBeast upsets people by not acknowledging some countries │© MrBeast / EarlyGame

Even Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson faces criticism from time to time. After his latest video where he flew in a participant from “every country on Earth” to compete in an extreme version of the Olympics, there has been quite the discussion what qualifies as a country and what apparently doesn't.

MrBeast is infamous for his huge productions on YouTube. It seems like he's on a personal mission to upload videos that should be impossible to make in the first place, but every week he proves once again that there's nothing he and his team can't accomplish.

  • MrBeast, good sir, would you mind getting me a PlayStation 5 for a flattering article?

“Every Country On Earth” – You Sure, Jimmy?

We get it – a video titled “Every Country On Earth Fights For $250,000! sounds better than “Nearly Every Country Fights For Money, But Some Countries Are More Country Than Others And Some Borders May Be Questionable.” That's fine.

Well, it's fine for most people. Others don't seem to take too kindly to MrBeast's choices regarding what qualifies as a country and what doesn't as a viral Twitter thread proves right now.

It's pretty long, but don't worry: I've got a summary for you.

In the thread, Twitter user @ilovemywiife (cute, good for you!) took the time to take a closer look at the countries competing in Jimmy's Olympics. Some of MrBeast's team's decisions could be interpreted as geopolitical statements.

For example, the map Jimmy shows in his video counts Crimea (a peninsula in Ukraine's South) to Russia. Crimea was occupied and annexed by Russia in 2014, but most countries still recognize Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Similar thing: according to MrBeast's map, there is no Islamic Republic of Afghanistan anymore. In the video, the map shows the flag of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” That's the Taliban – very sensitive topic.

Political Statements Or Rather An Oopsie?

While some people online view that as possible geopolitical statements by MrBeast, there's another explanation for the map: some oopsies happened.

It's possible that the map scenes in the video just didn't get enough attention to detail by the cutters. There are also other mishaps, like the flag of the US state Georgia on top of the country Georgia. I'll take a leap of faith here and claim that MrBeast doesn't think an Eastern European country is actually part of the US.

It's more likely that some video editor just googled Georgia, took the first flag and called it a day. There are some more of these mistakes, like the US flag in Germany:

So hold your horses for now. As long as next week's video isn't titled “We Bought Germany And Made It Part Of The United States!” there simply seem to be a few mistakes in the video and no political statements.

MrBeast still tries to compete with EarlyGame's amazing content. Try harder, Jimmy.

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