Dream Finally Revealed His Face, And... Wow...

Dream is making it big in the world of online entertainment, all without ever revealing his face. Now, the face reveal has seen him rise to new heights.

Screen Shot 2022 10 03 at 9 01 47 AM
No more smiley face. | © Dream

So, spoiler alert... Dream is not Bruce Wayne. The YouTuber is a normal dude, that just must've gotten tired of always wearing mask. That, and it must be nice to be able to do a face reveal for 1.3 million viewers. Imagine the dough he must've made during that stream. Other people get paid a lot less for revealing... much more private parts of themselves...

Dream Revealed His Face

The reason why Dream finally revealed his face was mostly practical: He wanted to be able to meet and do content with other content creators. Specifically it was a visit by GeorgeNotFound that prompted him to come out from behind the mask - Dream said it'd be weird if his online-friend flies out to meet him for the first time, and Dream is just hiding behind a mask.

The internet being the internet, the terms 'Rumpelstiltskin' and 'PutTheMaskBackOn' started trending. Then again, if you have as large of a following as Dream, you're naturally going to draw a lot of attention, and if you're not the most objectively beautiful man the world has ever seen, there's always going to be someone disappointed after so much hype. It is what it is.

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