The Best Vampire Game Ever Is Coming Back

Crystal Dynamics has released a survey that suggests they are willing to bring back the Legacy of Kain series. We have all the details.

Legacy of Kain remake reboot sequel
Welcome back, Kain. | © Miriam Bonetti

Folks, if you weren't around back in PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 times, then allow me to let you in on a little something-something: Legacy of Kain was the business. The franchise was amazing, with a capital AMAZING, before it suddenly disappeared. Sure, Crystal Dynamics gave us Tomb Raider and Deus Ex instead, but many fans are still waiting for new life from Legacy of Kain, and now we got exactly that.

Legacy of Kain Comeback

Crystal Dynamics released a survey in which they asked players specifically about Legacy of Kain. To be precise, they are asking people if they ever heard of the franchise, which sounds to me like they are testing to waters - you know, trying to find out if there is still a fanbase out there.

Further questions ask fans - the ones that know Legacy of Kain - if they want a new game, a remake, a remaster, a reboot, as well as what features they would like the new game to include. I mean... if that doesn't get your hopes up for a new Legacy of Kain, then nothing ever will. It seems that the success of V Rising and Vampire Survivors inspired Crystal Dynamics to revisit their vampire classic, because they also asked fans about what they like about those games. The last Legacy of Kain was released in 2003, and Uncharted's Amy Henning hand a hand in the franchise, so, who knows... maybe that magic Uncharted touch will find its way back to Kain in a soon-to-be reboot/remake/remaster/something...