Huge News on Vampire Survivors

The indie hit Vampire Survivors will get a major update later this month, that will see the game leave Early Access.

Vampire Survivors Final Version
No more early access. | © Vampire Survivors

Damn, vampires are everywhere right now. Just today, I wrote about Blade in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and a classic vampire franchise considering a comeback. Now, it's time to turn my eye towards one of the most fascinating indie sensations, since... the many indie sensations we've had (I mean, Among Us, Valheim, V Rising... come on...).

Vampire Survivors Will Leave Early Access

Ever since early access became a thing, it seemed like every game was released in early access, and never left. Seriously, I'm not even sure if Fortnite is still in early access (if it is that would honestly be hilarious), and to me it seems like the 'early access' label is some ridiculous way for developers to play it safe and not have to own up to their games' flaws. Well... not Vampire Survivors: The game will leave early access on October 20, and celebrate its official launch.

The news was broken on the game's Steam Page, which announced that version 1.0 will include new achievements, balance changes, new language support, and a bunch of other surprises, which, according to the devs will "offer a little something for everyone".

The game will also receive some more balancing, or, to be precise, the Santa Water and La Borra are getting a nerf. As far as languages is considered, Vampire Survivors 1.0 will have support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portugese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.