Finally Some News on Avengers: Secret Wars

Marvel finally revealed the writer that will take pen to paper for Marvel's most anticipated movie - Avengers: Secret Wars.

Marvel Secret Wars Writer
What could possibly live up to this? | © Artstation

I wrote about it in this article: The MCU isn't what it once was, and that's not just down to Robert Downey Jr leaving the universe. Somewhere between Shang-Chi not having a soul, Black Widow being a generic agent-flick, and She-Hulk twerking... somewhere along the way the MCU got lost. Sure, we have highlights like Spiderman and Thor, but can Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland really carry the entire universe? It's safe to say that the upcoming Avengers movie will speak volumes on what the future of the MCU looks like, so it's good to know that Avengers: Secret Wars secured an amazing writer.

Avengers: Secret Wars Written by Loki Writer

Yes, Michael Waldron will pen Avengers: Secret Wars, and I could think of no better man than the Loki writer to take on the task. Michael Waldron wrote Doctor Strange in the Multiverse, and the first and last episode of Loki - a show on which he also served as showrunner. Loki was fantastic, not because of its amaing VFX or high budget, but because the backbone to it all was impeccable writing, and that's exactly what the MCU needs right now.

Unfortunately, Secret Wars is only due in Phase 6, meaning we still got ways to go until we get to see the fruits of Waldron's labor. Until then, it is up to Marvel to make sure the MCU lives up to new standards, and the recent announcement to turn Armor Wars into a feature-film has me optimistic.