Formula 1 Fan Pass Is Back In Rocket League!

As you should already know, the collaboration between Rocket League and Formula 1 is returning for 2022! Here you can find out if the new Formula 1 Fan Pass is in the Item Shop right now and what's inside the bundle.

RL Formula 1 2022
The Grand Prix of... Rocket League! | © Psyonix

There's always at least one collaboration between Rocket League and Formula 1 every year. And like clockwork, Psyonix had already announced upcoming content for 2022 in collaboration with Formula 1 – a total of 3 different releases await us.

Obviously, the collaboration consists of new Items & Paint Finishes for your garage. Here's all the information you need to know about the Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 in Rocket League!

What Is The Formula 1 Fan Pass in Rocket League?

The Formula 1 Fan Pass for 2022 is the latest entry in the collaboration between Psyonix and Formula 1. F1 supercars have already been implemented in Rocket League in recent years and stand out clearly from the others due to their length, width and, above all, height compared to other bodies.

This year, our favorite car soccer game has once again become a racetrack. Look forward to some items that can be attached exclusively to the new Formula 1 (2022) car. And if (somehow) your hype level still isn't over 9000, yet... just watch the following trailer.

What's Included In The Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022?

The Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 will be available in the Rocket League Item Shop for 1,100 RL Credits. So let's take a closer look at what's included:

Item TypeItem Name
Car (Dominus Hitbox)Formula 1 (2022)
Engine SoundFormula 1 (2022)
StickerAlfa Romeo 2022
StickerAlphaTauri 2022
StickerFerrari 2022
StickerMcLaren 2022
StickerRed Bull 2022
StickerMcLaren Miami 2022

But that's not all, Formula 1 has too much history to be limited to just one pack in Rocket League. That's why Psyonix will be releasing two additional updates later in the year, bringing new content to our favorite game. One of them has already gone live and comes with a few brand-new items for you:

F1 fans can look forward to additional items to beautify their cars with. Among other things, several Decals and the famous Pirelli wheels are on their way to celebrate the partnership between the world's leading car manufacturers such as Aston Martin and Mercedes, and Formula 1.

Those who already purchased the Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 can always access additional content for free as soon as it is released.
If you want to get an overview of the new cosmetics in advance, you can visit the Twitch channel of F1 driver Lando Norris, who can give you a sneak-peek together with Athena.

Which Hitbox Does The Formula 1 (2022) Car Have?

The Formula 1 (2022) car uses the Dominus hitbox - which is actually only logical given the dimensions of the body. Of course, we have already written a detailed guide to this hitbox on our website, but we can say this much here:

Due to its length, the Dominus is ideal for parrying almost hopeless shots and going out of the match as an MVP with many saves. However, you should be careful if the ball rolls head-on...

Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 In Rocket League – Release Date

The Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 and the free Formula 1 2022 Player Banner were first released back in. Now they are back in the Rocket League Item Shop for the second time. The third and final release should be some time in autumn – so stay tuned to our Rocket League section, and you'll always be up-to-date.

If the Honda Civic Type R debuting with Rocket League Season 8 is wayyyyy too slow for you and you'd rather have fire under the hood, then you should pick up the Formula 1 Fan Pass right now. With a new car body, the rank grind is twice as much fun. So get yourself something to eat, watch TV and simply relax and destroy your opponents! Cheers.