Psyonix Announces New Rocket League Season 8 Features & More

Psyonix shared first official information on Rocket League season 8. Here you'll get to see which new features we can expect, what will happen to the rewards in the Rocket Pass and how the new Battle Car will look like.

RL Season 8
Rocket League Season 8 goes back to the streets! | © Psyonix

Yes friends, Rocket League Season 8 is ready to start, and soon we'll be able to really start off with all new features, Psyonix has to offer for us. After a hidden teaser-trailer hyped us up for the upcoming weeks and months, we now have a real trailer and a lot more official information.

In case you still haven't seen any news for season 8, this article is your rescue. Rocket League season 8 will of course have its own theme, an updated Rocket Pass, a new arena and a lot more! Psyonix also teased us, with a lot of what we can expect throughout the course of the season.

Rocket League Season 8 Announced

Rocket League, going back to their basics with season 8, was already expected by many fans — the graffiti made it really obvious. And we'll actually go back to the streets… the place, where everybody started off playing soccer (or Soccar) back in the days. In comparison to the magnificence and sparkle we experienced in season 7, the underground Soccar scene really is a 180-degree turn. To be honest, it really fits Rocket League more, and we are hyped for it!

Honda Civic Type R Coming To The Rocket Pass

With Rocket League season 8, Psyonix tries something they have never done before. The Honda Civic Type R is the first real car, that will be available in the Rocket Pass Premium. In the past seasons, we only got Psyonix' own creations, like the Nomad.

The world-known hatchback could also become one of the more popular battle cars, because the car body features the Octane Hitbox. It goes without saying that the new Rocket Pass has a lot more to offer. Add-ons like the Sprattle Boost, the reactive Big Cap Topper and the Savage Spray Goal Explosion, have already been announced.

The icing on the cake is that Psyonix is also prepared with several more versions of the Honda Civic Type R for you. If you progress far enough in the Rocket Pass, the car will become even more luxurious — this means that it receives a back spoiler, an enlarged air duct at the front and is then called Honda Civic Type R-LE. Stylish.

New Battle Arena and Tournament Rewards

The things we were already expecting from the teaser trailer really came true in the meantime: With the “Sovereign Heights” arena being added, Rocket League finally receives a whole new map. Maybe you should have a look at the trailer, that Psyonix has uploaded, yourself. It really provides some cool insights.

Once you made yourself comfortable with the new Soccar scene and the new arena, you should restart to play some tournaments to earn some juicy rewards. Player banners, toppers, stickers and goal explosions are waiting for you.

Psyonix not only announced the things we can expect directly at the start of season 8 but also gave a little preview on what the future might hold for us. On the official website, they call it “word on the street”, so we'll just go along with it. In the streets, rumors of a new street ball arena and the annual Haunted Hallows event are spreading. We'll keep you updated.