Rocket Pass Season 9: All Rewards And Tiers In Rocket League

Every couple of months, the Rocket Pass gets updated, when a new Rocket League season drops. For RL season 9, there are obviously completely new tiers and rewards – what can you get?

Rocket League Season ranked rewards
There are new tiers and rewards in the Rocket Pass for season 9! | © Psyonix

Psyonix brings out some fresh and sweet looking rewards for every new Rocket League Season, bringing tons of fantastic and unique items to everyone's favorite car-football game. You always have the choice of continuing to be a free-to-play legend, or spending some money and treating yourself to the Premium Pass with additional items.

In this article, we show you all the rewards for the current Rocket League season. This time, the Emperor Muscle Car is the seasonal vehicle you can unlock on Tier 1 of the Rocket Pass. Obviously, we provide further info on all the other tiers and rewards as well.

Rocket Pass Season 9: All Tiers & Rewards Explained

Ranked Rewards are special items that you earn through ranking up in each Rocket League season. Each season includes about seventy different Tiers, each of which award you with a particular reward (if you own the premium Rocket Pass, that is). You can track your progress by checking out the Rocket Pass tab within the main menu of Rocket League.

Below is the complete breakdown of season 9's brand-new Rocket Pass:

Unlock Tier Rank

Premium Rocket Pass

Free Rocket Pass
Tier 1Body
Tier 2DecalCrit Hitter Limited Title
Tier 3Rocket Boost
Tier 410% Party XP Boost
Tier 5Player BannerUncommon Reward Item
Tier 6Wheels
Tier 7Animated Decal
Tier 8TitleCrispy Turkey – Limited Topper
Tier 9Paint Finish
Tier 105% XP BoostUncommon Reward Item
Tier 11Decal
Tier 12100 Credits
Tier 13


Dominus: Razerwing – Limited Paint Finish
Tier 14Topper
Tier 15Player BannerUncommon Reward Item
Tier 16Decal
Tier 17


Tier 18TopperFire Flier – Limited Title
Tier 19Paint Finish
Tier 20Player AnthemUncommon Reward Item
Tier 21Wheels
Tier 22Animated DecalThermometer – Limited Antenna
Tier 235% XP Boost
Tier 24100 Credits
Tier 25TrailUncommon Reward Item
Tier 26Wheels
Tier 27

Avatar Border

Tier 28Animated DecalLunchbox - Esper – Limited Topper
Tier 29Antenna
Tier 30


Uncommon Reward Item
Tier 31


Tier 325% XP BoostYolkel – Limited Player Banner
Tier 33Topper
Tier 34Decal
Tier 35BodyUncommon Reward Item
Tier 36100 Credits
Tier 37Decal
Tier 38WheelsFrostbitten – Limited Title
Tier 395% XP Boost
Tier 40Paint FinishUncommon Reward Item
Tier 41Player Banner
Tier 42Wheels
Tier 43DecalTickled Tomato – Limited Topper
Tier 44Topper
Tier 45Animated DecalRare Reward Item
Tier 46Wheels
Tier 47Player Anthem
Tier 48100 CreditsYolky – Limited Wheels
Tier 49Paint Finish
Tier 505% XP BoostRare Reward Item
Tier 51Wheels
Tier 52Avatar Border
Tier 53


Tier 54Wheels
Tier 55Animated DecalRare Reward Item
Tier 56Player Banner
Tier 57Rocket Boost
Tier 585% XP Boost
Tier 59Animated Decal
Tier 60100 CreditsRare Reward Item
Tier 61Wheels
Tier 62Decal
Tier 63Animated Decal
Tier 64Wheels
Tier 65TitleVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 665% XP Boost
Tier 67100 Credits
Tier 68Animated Decal
Tier 69Wheels
Tier 70Goal ExplosionVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 80100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 90100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 100100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 110100 CreditsVery Rare Reward Item
Rocket League Emperor Muscle Car
Get the new Emperor Muscle Car as part of season 9's Rocket Pass! | © Psyonix

In total, there are 28 different Rocket Pass rewards available to players for free in Rocket League Season 9. The clear goal here is to elicit additional purchases from players, as the paid premium ranks provide us with a whole lot more items.

If you're indeed pretty excited about all the new content (we don't blame you) and you want to spend some money in-game, here's what you need to know. The base version of the Premium Rocket Pass costs 1000 RL Credits, while you can also invest a total of 2000 RL Credits to skip twelve tier right from the start.

More Rewards At The End Of Each RL Season

Season 9 will end on March 8, 2023, after which we can expect Season 10 to launch with a brand new Rocket Pass. In addition, you can also reach different Season Reward "Levels" by playing against other players of the same rank as you.

These Competitive Rewards are distributed each and every season and are dependent on your current Rocket League Rank. This means that it is really important to get a lot of Ws against similar skilled opponents. For the Rocket Pass, on the other hand, every game provides XP – no matter the outcome.

By the way: The ultimate Season Rank you can reach is Supersonic Legend, which will yield the best rewards, and is the sign of a true Rocket League master.