Volkswagen Golf GTI In Rocket League: Hitbox & Features Of The New VW Car Explained!

With the launch of Rocket League season 10, the brand-new Volkswagen Golf GTI debuted as the seasonal battle car. It can be unlocked via the Rocket Pass, and may become one of the community's favorites. Here's why.

Volkswagen gti rocket league
The legendary Volkswagen Golf GTI in Rocket League – here's all you need to know! | © Psyonix

The big red reset button has been pressed, Rocket League season 10 is finally here, and we all can enjoy some fresh content for our favorite socCar game. As it's tradition for each new season, a brand-new battle car has been released – this time, Psyonix decided on the legendary Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The popular VW is part of the Premium Rocket Pass and can be unlocked on tier 1 – probably everybody is testing the vehicle right now! Last season, we got the impressive Emperor Muscle Car, but this season, the developers wanted to bring one of the most recognizable cars ever into the game.

You can find everything you'll need and want to know about the Volkswagen Golf GTI right here – the hitbox will make a ton of players happy.

Rocket League: Volkswagen Golf GTI – Hitbox And Features

Who needs a Ferrari or McLaren when you can land Musty Flicks and complete areals with the VW Golf in Rocket League? As soon as you've purchased the Premium Rocket Pass, you'll unlock the new vehicle. On top of that, if you reach tier 35 during the season, you'll unlock the upgraded Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE variant.

Similar to real life, the VW Golf in Rocket League is a compact sports car – and Psyonix decided it's a perfect fit for the Octane hitbox. We definitely agree! However, the vehicle looks more like the Fennec than the Octane, which could mean that the car fits the Hitbox even better.

I won't have to sell most Rocket League enjoyers on the Octane Hitbox, as it's probably still the most popular car shape in the game. Even in season 10, players from all ranks use it – whether you're in Bronze, Diamond or even higher.

Volkswagen GTI Rocket League in game
Does the VW Golf make the Premium Rocket Pass worth it to you? | © Rocket League

If you're looking for the perfect all-rounder, here ya' go. Good on the ground, solid in the air... plus it's pretty agile and easy to handle. Obviously, some of the most popular cars in Rocket League use the Octane Hitbox:

If you're already familiar with one or more of these cars and use them regularly, you might consider buying the Premium Rocket Pass in Season 10 – but that's entirely your choice! Take a look at all the new items and cosmetics you'll unlock first and then decide. Until then, enjoy the new season!

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