Rocket League Season 7: Release Date, Rewards, Rocket Pass & More

Season 7 of Rocket League is nearing. Here is everything you need to know, including its release date, all the rewards, and more.
Rocket League Season 7
Rocket League went animated in the current season. What will be in store for Season 7? | © Psyonix

Rocket League Season 7 is set to arrive, and it is going to bring one of the biggest changes to the game ever seen. Though many will be unaware of the need for that change, which came after a noted freestyler discovered that the ball moves quicker up some corners than others.

There are, of course, plenty of expected changes heading socCar players' ways, with Season 7 expected to bring a brand new Rocket Pass packed full of challenges and rewards.

If you want to know more, including Season 7's release date, then you have come to the right place as we break down everything you need to know about the new season.

When Does Rocket League Season 7 Come Out?

We are currently entering the latter stages of Rocket League Season 6 which started all the way back in March. The season's end date is June 15 which is the same day that Rocket League Season 7 will launch.

Keep in mind that there will be a game update on June 14 (4PM PDT, 7PM EST, 1AM CEST), so if the servers are down, it's because Psyonix is launching season 7.

As we come near the season's end, remember, that there is a limited time to earn the Season 6 Rewards and complete your Rocket Pass.

Rocket League Season 7 – Theme

Along with the release date for next season, Psyonix announced that the theme for Season 7 will be all about luxury. I don't want to get ahead of myself and spoil what's in the Rocket Pass (you will understand what I meant when I said luxury), so just watch this video instead and move on to the next part.

Rocket League Season 7 – Rocket Pass

Psyonix has revealed some very interesting things about the season 7 Rocket Pass. These are the things that they've confirmed so far:

  • Sushi Roller Wheels
  • Aquarium Player Banner
  • Carat Cutter Wheels
  • Marble Floor Decal
  • Kinda Big Deal Player Title
  • Maestro

The Maestro with its Dominus Hitbox is of course the coolest thing of the Rocket Pass. The car looks insanely cool and really shows off the luxury theme for season 7.

With both a free and a premium track, the latter of which costs 1000 Credits ($10 / £8), there will be over 70 tiers of rewards to unlock including the new car for the season. Players can also expect cosmetic items like wheels, goal celebrations, decals, and more.

Rocket Pass Premium
The Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass will have both a free and premium track of rewards. | © Psyonix

The premium Rocket Pass also includes three more weekly challenges which, along with XP that helps unlock tiers of the Rocket Pass, also include items as a reward.

Rocket League Season 7 – Rewards

In season 7, Psyonix is introducing Golden Goods, which is just another fancy term for rewards. Golden Goods is just the overall term though, the actual rewards are called Golden Painted Items.

They can only be found in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers (you need to reach Tier 70) and are pretty rare. They go all the way up to Tier 150, so be prepared to grind if you want to get those sweet Golden Painted Items.

There are also new Tournament Rewards, them being:

  • Got Next Player Banner
  • Nunya: Roasted Wheels
  • Dunker Goal Explosion

Additionally, season 7 will also include:

  • Select Favorites 2 Series (blueprints)
  • Dueling Dragons Goal Explosions
  • Zomba Wheels
  • Interstellar Decal

Rocket League Season 7 – New Custom Training

Custom Training is being overhauled with Rocket League Season 7 and gets some innovations that the community has been waiting for a long time. Let's stay superficial for now, because Psyonix is screwing around with the visuals a bit. The menu as well as the user interface should definitely look a bit cleaner.

However, these are obviously not the most important changes. Training packages and training progress are going to work differently with the launch of Rocket League Season 7. There are also changes to the way shot navigation works – PC players in particular are crying with joy right now. If you want to know more and read through the complete patch notes, you'll probably have to read our detailed article on it. Sorry not sorry.

Rocket League Season 7 – Wall Changes

A major change is coming to Rocket League Season 7, after a freestyler did the maths and discovered that the ball rolls at different speeds on the wall of the game's maps. This was suspected but never proven with one player putting together a video back in October of last year highlighting the problem.

And as we gear up for Season 7, the developers have confirmed that it is a bug and not a feature and that they are aiming to fix it in time for Season 7's release.

A freestyler sparked a ton of chatter on Twitter and Reddit about ball speed on different Arena walls. We definitely want uniformity in how fast the ball moves in corners, and we’re hoping to have this fixed in time for Season 7. While we use automated testing throughout Rocket League, this was a blind spot for us that we’re going to address moving forward.
– Devin Connors, Rocket League Social Media and Community Manager

It goes without saying that the changes will change the way the game is played and might force a period of adjustment as you retune your muscle memory.

Rocket League Season 7 – Arena Changes

A minor thing that fits the luxury theme, is the introduction of the Utopia Coliseum (Glided) Arena. The marble floor just scream rich tit and I bet all the boys that get money from their daddy to play this game are salivating right now.

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