Rocket League Rank Distribution Explained | Season 7

Rank Distribution is a very fascinating topic in Rocket League, as it is an indication of how much the game is being played. How is Rocket League Season 7's Rank Distribution, and how does it work?
Rocket league rank distribution
How does Rank Distribution work in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

As players progress through seasons and seasons of Rocket League's increasingly repetitive new content, their rank distribution tells us a lot about how the player-base is liking the game. If you see that people are dropping off early, for example, then Psyonix probably need to put in a little bit more effort in than simply reskinning a Battle Car next season. If people are increasingly dropping off later and later, then Psyonix may as well keep going – just give people what they want, right? If that requires the absolute minimum effort possible, then fantastic!

Now, ranked rewards are admittedly provided to players as they work through the ranks, but if those same rewards are not worth the effort, then you're inevitably going to see a drop-off in players. Additionally, players want to know a little bit about the distribution because they, of course, want to feel like they are out of the ordinary. So, let's make [some of] you feel a little special, and dive into Rocket League's Rank Distribution, what it means, and how you can climb your way up through the ranks...

How to Get Your First Rank in Rocket League

To move from Unranked to Rocket League's first competitive rank, Bronze I, you must reach Level 10 in the game and then play a number of placement matches. Basically, you don't necessarily start in Bronze I, as once you reach Level 10 in the base game, you will be placed against other players who at a variety of different skill levels. Depending on how you go, Rocket League will place you in a specific starting rank. From here, you can either increase or decrease your overall rank depending on your performance as well as your overall MMR.

1v1 Rocket League Season 7 Distribution

Following is the current distribution of Ranked Duel 1v1 Rocket League Players as of Season 7's launch on June 15, 2022. We will continue to update this, as well as the other two lists in this article, after each new Season of Rocket League launches.

TierNumber of playersPercentage of players
Supersonic Legend1,2540.08%
Grand Champion III1,5030.09%
Grand Champion II2,0780.13%
Grand Champion I3,7840.23%

Champion III

Champion II13,7770.85%
Champion I25,9831.61%
Diamond III49,3233.06%
Diamond II81,7235.07%
Diamond I130,6448.11%
Platinum III185,23911.49%
Platinum II225,14013.97%
Platinum I235,28314.60%
Gold III188,41011.69%
Gold II133,6808.29%
Gold I81,5655.06%
Silver III41,6232.58%
Silver II20,1111.25%
Silver I8,6390.54%
Bronze III3,5310.22%
Bronze II1,4360.09%
Bronze I5680.04%



The thing about this 1v1 rank distribution is that you can see that most people are either between the ranks of Gold III and Platinum III, or are still unranked. There is a very strict central cluster, indicating that 1v1 is one of the most popular modes, with it also having some of the highest numbers of Rocket League players.

2v2 Rocket League Season 7 Distribution

Following is the rank distribution for 2v2 ranked players in Rocket League. This one is a little different to what we saw with 1v1 players. The first thing to note is that there is a decrease in the number of Supersonic Legend-ranked players here by a whopping 90% (approximately).

This is also reflected in the total number of players. In 2v2, though, players who do rank generally sit between Gold III and Champion II, significantly higher than in the 1v1 ranked distribution.

TierNumber of playersPercentage of players
Supersonic Legend680.00%
Grand Champion III6530.04%
Grand Champion II6,8420.38%
Grand Champion I46,0342.58%

Champion III

Champion II155,1058.70%
Champion I287,04416.11%
Diamond III240,10213.47%
Diamond II254,17514.26%
Diamond I250,05814.03%
Platinum III144,7448.12%
Platinum II111,7156.27%
Platinum I71,9894.04%
Gold III40,2372.26%
Gold II21,8081.22%
Gold I10,5240.59%
Silver III4,9100.28%
Silver II2,0730.12%
Silver I8490.05%
Bronze III3070.02%
Bronze II1100.01%
Bronze I720.00%



3v3 Rocket League Season 7 Distribution

Rocket League's 3v3 ranked distribution is lower in total player numbers again, though the number of overall Supersonic Legend players is about 15 players higher. We can see a general distribution that is very similar to that of 2v2 players, with most sitting between Gold I and Champion I. Despite it being quite a similar distribution, we would say that there is a much broader range in the rank of that core player base that makes the centre of this particular rank distribution.

TierNumber of playersPercentage of players
Supersonic Legend750.00%
Grand Champion III1,5880.09%
Grand Champion II10,7950.61%
Grand Champion I22,1501.24%

Champion III

Champion II75,1914.22%
Champion I146,2578.21%
Diamond III149,8608.41%
Diamond II186,47910.47%
Diamond I221,35312.42%
Platinum III173,1729.72%
Platinum II169,3989.51%
Platinum I158,3488.89%
Gold III127,9827.18%
Gold II98,9955.56%
Gold I65,6443.68%
Silver III36,9822.08%
Silver II18,1651.08%
Silver I8,3780.47%
Bronze III3,1780.18%
Bronze II1,2210.07%
Bronze I4560.03%



What is the Average Rank in Rocket League?

On average, players generally end up between the ranks of Gold II and Champion I, with the absolute average being Diamond II. This is made by utilizing very rough calculations with the data provided above, so don't take that as gospel. That being said, this says a lot about the overall Rank Distribution in Rocket League. For starters, we imagine that many players are ending up in the late silvers in placement rounds.

There is a stark drop-off in all three categories around Champion II / Champion III. There are many reasons why this could be the case. We theorize that it has a lot to do with where players place in the placement round, as well as how they do in subsequent rounds. However, the most important point can be summarized with two subsequent reasons:

  • Players will eventually run out of patience, especially as games get harder, and their competition becomes more highly skilled.
  • The generalized skill of the population does not stretch to the extremes of this distribution.

Basically, a combination of frustration, boredom, and a lack of patience as the game gets harder and harder will combine to reduce the overall numbers at the top end of Rocket League's rank distribution. This especially goes for 2v2 and 3v3 formats, where the competition is already more intense and players' rank is also effected by their teammates.

In addition, Rocket League players are generally not terrible at the game, but are not such gods that large numbers make it to Grand Champion Tiers and Supersonic Legend.

What is the Best Rank in Rocket League?

The ultimate and best rank that you can reach in Rocket League is Supersonic Legend. If you make it to this particular rank, then you are a god amongst Rocket League Players. Many pros are not even at this point, mainly because they are focusing on training and not literally levelling up their rank and MMR. As Stake from Karmine Corp pointed out in our recent interview, Diamond is clearly the most toxic, and hardcore players like himself have better things to worry about than their quantitative rank each season. This is also reflected in the rank distribution laid out above.

Check out our interview with Stake, it was not only a whole lot of fun, but insanely informative. What a nice guy!

How to Rank Up in Rocket League

To up your rank in Rocket League, and build your way through Season 7's rank distribution, you're going to want to focus on getting those wins. The more wins you achieve against higher-level players, the better your overall rank will be, and the quicker you will rise through the ranks. Now, you need to remember that this is a rank, and it's not static. Thus, if you perform too badly, or don't play the game for an extended period of time, your rank will decrease.

The first thing you need to do, which we detailed above, is reach level ten in Rocket League. You then need to play a selection of ranked playlists that will place you in a particular rank. From here, you play against various players around the same level as you, and you begin your journey up and down the overall leaderboard. All of these factors are, of course, somewhat effected by MMR, but are also dependent on a variety of other factors. In the end, it doesn't matter that much, because you're really out there for those ranked rewards and, of course, to have fun.