The Ultimate Guide To MMR In Rocket League

Rocket League's MMR system is profoundly important as a method of balancing the game. How does it work, though, and how do you check your MMR in Rocket League?

Rocket league mmr
How does MMR work in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

Matchmaking Rank, or MMR, is unbelievably important in Rocket League, defining the kinds of games you will playing and the kinds of players you will find yourself up against. It is an unbelievable thing, in fact, that more people are not curious about their ranking, as in many cases it can be the difference between playing fun yet competitive games, getting absolutely crushed, or the game being far too easy. With Rocket League being the competitive game it is, it's probably about time that you check it out yourself, and that's what we're here to help you do!

Now, let's give you a little bit of a disclaimer: this is not an article about Ranked Rewards or Competitive Rankings in Rocket League. That, my friends, is a very different thing to MMR, though innately linked due to the fact that it's the same bloody game, and its a kind of ranking. Now, that sounds obvious, doesn't it? Something that literally has the word "ranking" in its name is, you guessed it... a ranking! Oof, crash, panic, wow! What a revelation! Let's get into this before I annoy too many people...

What Is MMR In Rocket League?

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rank, and is a score that determines who you face off against in Rocket League. It's a hidden number that corresponds to one of 23 ranks that you can be placed within. The idea is to make sure that you are playing against other players who are of a similar skill level to you, meaning that you can achieve a higher rank and play against tougher opponents by consistently doing well in the game.

Now, one thing to note, is that MMR is made up of a bunch of different statistics in Rocket League. It's not only about winning, but it's also about the relative MMR of your opponent. Thus, if your opponent has a higher rank than you, you'll probably get more of a boost if you win, and less of a subtraction if you lose. Your MMR is also tweaked based on the party, with everyone being somewhat pulled towards the MMR of the best player in the party. So, basically, if you are playing with some fantastic Rocket League players, you should probably make sure that your skills are all up-to-date!

MMR Tier Ratings In Rocket League

MMR Ratings in Rocket League are based on a number that is calculated regarding the wins and losses you've had, and the players you've competed against. Following is a table of the numerical values of each MMR Tier Rank in Rocket League...

Rank Name1v12v23v3
Supersonic Legend134618891876
Grand Champion 3129017101715
Grand Champion 2122615661575
Grand Champion 1117514351435
Champion 3110713151315
Champion 2105511951195
Champion 199510751075
Diamond 3935995995
Diamond 2875915915
Diamond 1815835835
Platinum 3755775775
Platinum 2695


Platinum 1635655655
Gold 3575595595
Gold 2515535535
Gold 1455475475
Silver 3395407415
Silver 2335354355
Silver 1275


Bronze 3215237235
Bronze 2156189176
Bronze 1000

Just to quickly explain these numbers to you, you progress to each subsequent rank once you reach the number listed in the above table. So, for example, if you are a Bronze 3 in 2v2 matches, then you have an MMR rating of between 237 and 295. Thus, you likely don't have exactly the number listed, but you will be somewhere on the scale.

How To View Your MMR In Rocket League

There are many ways to view your MMR in Rocket League, but we will focus on the use of Alpha Console and Bakkesmod, as well as a selection of excellent websites that you can use to check out your ranking.

Alpha Console / Bakkesmod

Rocket league bakkesmod competitive play
Bakkesmod helps you see your MMR in Competitive Play | © Bakkesmod / Psyonix

Whilst Alpha Console shutdown in early 2020, the developers joined forces with the Bakkesmod crew and now offer a suite of features, including visual customization and a visualized MMR Ranking. This is a bit of a difficult one, as you will need to install the mod after you've downloaded it from their website. It's easy to do, but jumping onto a website to check your MMR is, admittedly, a lot easier.

Rocket league bakkesmod 2v2
You can customize it to see your MMR for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, all of which will be different numbers. | © Bakkesmod / Psyonix

What Websites Can I Use To Check Out My MMR?

Players should use one of a couple of different MMR Tracker websites that are available. There are two main MMR checking websites that you should use, but the main website we recommend is the standard Tracker, which is also available as an app. The other is RLTracker, and that's also quite good, if not a little spammy. We recommend using the first, to be honest.

What Determines MMR Gains And Losses?

MMR goes up and down depending on the wins and losses you make whilst playing Rocket League. Now, we've already bloody explained this, so come on guys! Read the article above. If you're too lame to scroll back up through the freakin' article, then we have two things to say to you: 1. You are being outrageously lazy, and 2. Okay we'll stop complaining about you, and we'll [temporarily] stop insulting you, and instead we'll explain the answer to your profoundly stupid question...

It's not just the win or loss that affects your MMR, but the player whom you are competing against. Yet again (jeez we hate repeating ourselves), if you beat someone of a higher MMR than you then you will get more points than someone of a lower, or of the same level as you. Additionally, if you lose against them then you will lose less points than if you, say, lost against someone who is the same ranking or lower than you. Okay?

Now, please don't suggest that any goals you have scored, or any assists you've been involved in, or any awards you might have been rewarded with will make a difference. They won't. Additionally, as you saw in the table (jeez-mageez, come on guys), your MMR will change depending on whether you are playing solo or in a party. This will also be effected by the MMR of the other players in your party, so on and so forth.

Okay, is that enough for you? Yeah? Okay, well look, there are tons for you to check out on our Rocket League page. It's really great, and we have tons of tips and tricks for you, like that time we went through how to do flip resets in Rocket League, for example. We also covered all of that Season 6 has to offer so far, as well as a very detailed (if somewhat boring) guide on the new Nexus Battle Car that was included in the Season 5 Rocket Pass. Cool, right? Until next time...