How to Get Better At Rocket League: Key Tips, Tricks, & Guides

Do you want to get better at Rocket League? Do you want to become a Rocket League Pro? Are you struggling to score, and just need some tips and tricks to help make you get better at Rocket League? Well, we're coming to the rescue.

Rocket league how to get better
How do you become an absolute Rocket League Pro? Here's how to get better at Rocket League... | © Psyonix

Rocket League is not a particularly complicated game. It's not a game like League of Legends, bogged down by hundreds of champions, bogged down by tons of different mechanics. What it is, is a game about skill and a game about practice – and that's difficult enough already.

You have your car, your hitbox, your game mode and, most importantly, your personal skill. It's about practice and about learning. So, let's learn! Welcome to EarlyGame's one-stop shop for all Rocket League tips and tricks, guides, and everything you need to help you get better at Rocket League...

How to Get Better at Rocket League: Tips, Tricks, & Guides

To get better at Rocket League, you should follow our tips and tricks, check out our guides, and make sure that you have learned everything that you can learn. From particular moves and tactics, to settings and teamwork, there are many ways that you can improve yourself at Rocket League.

Let's not waste any more of your time. Because, you know, time is money. If you're more of a visual learner and want to get your hands on some guides in video format, we've got just the thing for you, too...

Use the Right Camera Settings

There are few things more important in Rocket League than getting the perfect camera settings. As you're about to find out in this article, there's not much of a point in explaining most Rocket League strategies and guides in-text.

Instead, we're going to pop in all of the relevant videos to help you learn and become the best Rocket League player you can possibly be. Thus, without further ado, let's continue with our guide!

Master Your Car & Learn the Mechanics

  • Utilize practice mode, and make sure that you master all the relevant mechanics listed below.
  • Find other players and friends to help you learn and practice against.
  • Use a 1-Hour training schedule. In other words, practice the same thing repeatedly for an hour at a time.
  • Use RLCS replays, online tutorials like the ones below and YouTube, to get more used to the mechanics and find out when and where they can be useful.
  • Play multiple game modes to get better used to your vehicle and the best tactics to utilize in different situations.
  • Make sure to turn off unlimited boost in Free Play, so that practice is more realistic.
  • Try out different vehicles and different hitboxes to truly discover which hitbox works the best for your playstyle.

Before you can truly become competitive in Rocket League, you need to master those mechanics. From more difficult and intense moves like the Flip Reset, to more common mechanics like dribbling and the Wave Dash, you need to develop and learn a bunch of mechanics before you can truly get better at Rocket League.

You will develop many of the high-end moves pros usually use from these basics. Once you've developed a basic understanding, your skill level will shatter every ceiling possible. Trust us.

How to Wave Dash in Rocket League

Wave Dashing is an incredibly important mechanic to master in Rocket League, especially if you want to know how to get better at Rocket League. The Wave Dash is absolutely essential for those of you who want to be as fast and as efficient as you can be at all times. Check out our detailed guide below.

How to Fast Aerial in Rocket League

Fast Aerial's in Rocket League is an ideal way to rank up, and the perfect evolution of a standard Double Jump Aerial. If you want to reach the ball as quickly as possible, hit the ball and avoid a goal when playing defensive, or get the ball away from your opponent when playing more offensively. That's when you need to learn the Fast Aerial. Yet again, you can check our video guide below.

How to Dribble in Rocket League

If you want to flex a bit, and also retain control of the ball, then you need to perfect the basic art of dribbling. The most important thing with dribbling, much like in real-life football, is practice.

However, there are also some tips and tricks that are essential for mastering the dribble, as well as tactics to use whilst dribbling to retain ball control, and give yourself an advantage over your opponents. We simply recommend watching clips of eSports players and getting a feel for how to act in each individual situation yourself.

How to Half Flip in Rocket League

Recoveries are insanely influential in Rocket League, and to recover, there are few more important skills and mechanics than the Half Flip. There are so many mechanics to learn, but we can assure you that if you don't know the Half Flip, you're going to find yourself in quite a bit of trouble.

It's an insanely fast way to change directions, an insanely useful way to resolve mistakes you may have made, and an insanely useful way to re-enter the action as soon as humanly possible. You can check out our video guide right here.

How to Drop Kick in Rocket League

The Drop Kick, also known as the Half Volley, is a very special technique to lob the ball back to yourself. You can use it vertically or horizontally (as an attack), but it is very useful for any player who wants to get moving, and wants to become a more offensive player.

Let's be real: there are tons of techniques in Rocket League, some more important than others. The Drop Kick is on this list for a reason. You should learn it. Fortunately, there are some custom training maps that will help you out perfectly.

Rocket League
Drop Kick is all about timing. | © Psyonix

Master Those Kickoff Strategies

The beginning of a Rocket League match is often one of the most critical moments of a Rocket league match, and thus, you need to master the kickoff. All the skills we have described above are useless if your Kickoff Strategies suck arse.

You have to keep one thing in mind: you don't always have to go for the ball to win a Rocket League Kickoff. To finish off this guide, let's go through a few kickoff strategies to help you get better at Rocket League...

If you've made it this far, you'll go far in Rocket League. Safe bet. After all, you have the right mindset and the will to improve. And that's the most essential thing. Rocket League is hard work and a lot of training. Very few of us are naturals that get Supersonic Legend after just a few months. So keep at it and don't let it get you down!