Rocket League Season 8 Custom Training: Psyonix Shows New Featured Packs!

Custom Training is a great way to take your skills to the next level. With Rocket League Season 7, Psyonix is overhauling the system to make it better than ever.

Rocket League Custom Training Season 7
Custom training is the key to success. | © Psyonix

Rocket League holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, capable of evoking the joys of sport and with a skill ceiling higher than any other comparable game. Mastering the game's many different mechanics, learning the tactics, and being a successful team member are all aspects you will need to practice to come out on top. That is why Custom Training is so important.

Rocket League has a training mode, but the most gains can be made by engaging in Custom Training. These fan-made maps have been hugely popular in the game and can help you learn to better dribble, shoot, pass, and much more. In Season 7, the Custom Training mode is being revamped with major changes to the way it works to make it more user-friendly and useful for players.

Custom Training In Rocket League

In order to be able to raise your skills to the next level in Rocket League, you can not only battle with opponents in the arena but also train in a relaxed manner on your own. For this, Psyonix implemented the training mode in Rocket League, which you can find in the main menu under "Play".

Once you have arrived at this tab, you now have a number of options available to you. If you are at the very beginning of your Rocket League career, then it would be best to start with the developer-made tutorials.

Otherwise, in the training mode, there are three categories of training you can partake in all of which aim to improve certain aspects of your game.

  • Aerials
  • Goalkeeping
  • Shooting

If you have mastered the three difficulty levels: "Recruit", "Professional" and "All-Star", then you should devote yourself to Custom Training - which will further develop your skills.

But what exactly is Custom training in Rocket League? This is where the community can create their own training packages and upload them for anyone to use. You can favorite your preferred courses and use codes to keep looking for new packages. We have prepared some of the best Custom Training codes for you.

Custom Training Changes Arrive With Rocket League Season 7

With Rocket League Season 7, Psyonix is making some long-awaited improvements to Custom Training. The innovations relate primarily to how training packages work and how training progress can be achieved.

In addition, Rocket League PC players in particular can look forward to the way shot navigation works. Psyonix has also made some adjustments to the user interface to help make training easier and more enjoyable for players.

We have summarized all changes for you here, as can also be found in the official patch notes from the developers:

  • Training Pack Progression
  • Choose Your Path: Progress on packs no longer requires you to complete shots in a specific order. You’ll be able to jump around from shot to shot, and complete a pack however you see fit. Is that third shot giving you trouble? Skip over to the fourth shot, and circle back later. (We’ll explain more about this below.)
  • What a Save! We’re adding training pack progress to save data, so you can work on as many shots and as many packs as you want. Make some progress, take a break, and come back later without having to restart packs from zero.
  • Reset Button: Completed a pack that you want to take a fresh look at? No problem. Hit Pause, and you can reset progress on any training pack you’ve started or completed.
  • Menu And Interface Changes
  • History Repeats Itself: In the Custom Training menu, a new “History” tab has been added next to the “Created” tab. We’ve had the functionality for the History tab turned on in the background for some time now, so your recent training pack history should be populated as soon as your game client is updated. You can also add any packs in the History tab to your favorites list.
  • Pause Menu Changes: From here, you can reset progress on a training pack, and you can also hit “End Training” to see the progress made on the pack.
  • End Training: From here, you can jump back into the pack, change to a different game mode, change the training pack, or go back to the main menu.
  • Shot Navigation And Shot Mirroring
  • Next and Previous Shot: You can now move freely between shots in a training pack – no need to complete them in a specific order.
  • Select Shot: A simple press and hold will bring up a new drop-down menu that allows you to freely pick which shot in the pack you want to practice.
  • Shuffle Shots: Want to mix it up? Hit the Shuffle Shots button to randomize the shot order.
  • Shot Mirroring: With the press of a button, you can mirror a shot to the opposite side of an arena. Working on weak side strikes and saves has never been easier. Mirroring works on all Arenas available in Custom Training. This may not always be the case when new Arenas are introduced in the future, depending on shape, size, and other factors.
Rocket League Custom Training
With custom training, you can look for new packages or simply play your favorites again. | © Psyonix

Best Custom Training Codes For Rocket League Season 7

As mentioned, codes can be used to find custom training packs in Rocket League. Of course, not every custom training is useful and that's why we've picked out a few of the best codes for custom training here:

  • 6EB1-79B2-33B8-681C (All-Star Striker)
  • 7918-5D21-4A11-1C19 (Recruit Striker)
  • 5CB2-6D82-1B54-47B7 (All-Star Goalkeeper)
  • 0660-8923-4A02-5657 (Pro Striker)
  • 9BF4-A221-74AA-7A1F (All-Star Goalkeeper)

Even Psyonix presented some custom training packs with their respective codes on Twitter. Whether you want to improve your overall skill, become Rocket League's Manuel Neuer, or just want to hit some banger power shots, you'll definitely find the right exercise for you here. Just look at the codes:

That's actually all you need to know about Season 7's revamped custom training. With the practice sessions from Psyonix and the custom training packages from the community, you are well-prepared to improve your gameplay and rank up, helping you earn those all-important Rank Rewards.

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