Best Rocket League Camera Settings: Play Like a Pro

Rocket League Pros really know what they're doing, but not even Musty can score with the wrong Camera Settings.
Rocket league camera settings
Now, that might be a cool camera angle, but it's pretty useless. Dude, you want to know where you're going. That's rule one! | © Psyonix

Rocket League's selection of Camera Settings provide a complex and deep level of customization that's often just simply not available in games these days. Now, that doesn't mean you need to be a crazy-genius, perfect at tweaking settings. In fact, there are many ways that you can master your Rocket League skill. What that does mean, though, is that you probably want to know what your best bet is so that you can become a Rocket League god in no-time at all!

Now, there are many things to look at when considering which Camera Settings you should use in Rocket League, and many more things when considering what the objectively best settings are. Everyone prefers something different, with even Stake unsure about the best Rocket League Camera Settings when we interviewed him a few months ago. Thus, the settings we are about to present you are not simply the 'best' settings, they are merely what we believe are best for the most people. They are a middle ground, and you should take them with a pinch of salt.

What are the Best Camera Settings in Rocket League?

This selection of camera settings makes the best of all available options in Rocket League. They might not be ideal for every player, with many Pros using different selections than the ones we have made here. That being said, this selection is what we personally believe are the best Camera Settings in Rocket League. We hope that they are of some help...

Rocket league best camera settings
Here are the best camera settings for you to use in Rocket League. | © Psyonix / EarlyGame

Camera Shake: Off

Camera Shake is not something you want in most games, to be honest. Unless it's in a game for the purpose of adding mood and a cinematic quality to the experience, Camera Shake goes up against settings like Motion Blur as one of the most useless and just generally annoying settings in video games.

Camera Shake basically causes your camera to, as the name bloody-well suggests, shake. It's literally in the name, guys, I shouldn't have to tell you this! It will cause the camera to shake with the car, adding a cinematic and cool effect to the game when you are in-game. This might be cool, but it hampers your performance, and should be avoided if you can. Just... turn it off, please.

Field of View: 110°

If you don't know what field of view is, then you're not a real gamer. Sorry, but it's true. We recommend a very high field of view (of 110°) in Rocket League, simply due to the fact that you are then able to see further around you. This gives you a much higher degree of situational awareness, and it makes it far easier to complete difficult manoeuvers. This is due to the fact that it is far easier to understand where you are going and how your vehicle is moving. The selected field of view here, 110°, is the maximum amount available. If it were possible, we would make it even harder, perhaps to 120°.

Rocket league fov settings
On the left is the default field of view, and on the right it has been changed to 110°. | © Psyonix / EarlyGame

Distance: 180

It is important to make sure that the distance between the camera and the car is optimized to what you personally like. We prefer it to be a little closer to the car, with the higher field of view allowing for better ranged perception and situational awareness. The closer you are to the car, the better your ability is to judge how it is moving and how to maneuver. It might seem simple, but a 180 distance allows for a lot better maneuverability in Rocket League, and means that you have better control over your Battle Car. That all being said, this is certainly an example of a setting that really does depend on personal preference!

Rocket league distance settings
Again, left is the default settings, and on the right we have changed Camera Distance to 180. | © Psyonix / EarlyGame

Height: 110

We like to add a slight increase to the default Camera Height, so up to 110 from 100. This controls how high the camera is, making it one of the most important settings in the game, and one that should certainly be optimized to exactly the position you like to have it at. Many players prefer to leave it at the default level, as it is a very reasonable distance from the ground. The height is critical, but we can't really give you much advice except to try out different heights and determine what you prefer. We prefer 110, but you might be a bit different.

Rocket league height settings
On the right we have changed the Camera Height to 110. © Psyonix / EarlyGame

Angle: -4.00°

The angle of the camera is pretty straight forward: it is the specific direction and the angle of the camera when it is looking towards the car. The default is -5.00°, but we prefer it to be around -4.00°, simply because we think that it feels and looks better in-game. As with all of these, this is one that you will need to look at yourself, play around with a bunch, and settle on the perfect Camera Angle for you specifically.

Rocket league angle settings
We have set the camera angle to -4.00° in the right hand picture. On the left it is the default. | © Psyonix / EarlyGame

Stiffness: 0.45

Do you have a stiffy for Camera Stiffness? Do you like our crass-as-fork humor? Are you a little tired of me telling you what to do? Well, don't worry, there are only four more settings left. This one? Here we've got Camera Stiffness! What is it? It is literally the "stiffness" of the Camera, and should not be left as it is. We firmly, or perhaps... stiffly... believe that the camera stiffness should be turned up a little bit, as this improves the way that the camera movement feels when playing the game. Yet again, and we keep saying this, make sure to play around with it and choose the level that is best for you.

Swivel: 5.0

The Swivel Speed is especially important, as it acts almost like camera sensitivity in a first-person shooter. You need a relatively high speed, so that you can look at things and see things coming as quickly as possible, but not so high that it becomes impossible to be accurate. Personally, we believe that the perfect swivel for Rocket League's camera settings is 5.0.

Transition Speed: 1.20

Now, Transition Speed is the speed it takes to change the camera to ball cam. Thus, if you have this up too high then you can lose track of yourself, and if you have it too low then you won't have the reaction time you really want. We recommend a moderate transition speed of 1.20, though this is certainly up to your discretion. Whatever you prefer, mate, whatever you prefer. Seriously. Just make up your mind.

Invert Swivel: Off

Do you really want your Swivel to be inverted? No, probably not. So you're going to want to turn off Invert Swivel! This means that when you point the stick up, it goes up, and when you point the stick down... it goes down. Simple stuff! So don't be an imbecile: do you like inverted controls? Yes? No? Well, whatever your opinion, make up your bloody mind and choose the best setting for you. You don't need me to tell you, seriously.

Rocket League Pro's Camera Settings

To round out this article with a bang, below is a selection of five Rocket League Pros and their camera settings. You can compare them to the ones we have selected for you, and maybe try playing in a similar way to your favorite pro players. There's a lot to love here, and trying out what the pros do is a great way to get better at Rocket League. Enjoy!


Camera Shake:

Field of View:110°109°110°110°108°


Swivel Speed:4.306.005.5010.04.00
Transition Speed:1.401.

Before we go, there are a few little takeaways to apply from this. The first is that more or less everyone is on or around the maximum field of view available in Rocket League, just as our setup was. This says that having a high field of view is vital for competitive play. The second thing is that transition speed is all pretty much the same as well, as it is a decent middle ground. All players had their camera shake turned off. What do you think that could mean? Seems pretty obvious to us! Anyway, there you have it: not just the best Camera Settings to use in Rocket League, but the Camera Settings that the pros use too! There are some similarities, some differences, but overall it's all pretty consistent. Until next time...