Ferrari 296 GTB Cruises To Rocket League: Bundle, Release Date & Hitbox

The collection of super sports cars in Rocket League is growing: The Ferrari 296 GTB makes its debut in the arena. You can find all the important info about the new bundle right here.

Ferrari 296 GTB Rocket League
Der Ferrari 296 GTB ist ab sofort in Rocket League! | © Psyonix

VROOOOOM VROOOOOOOOOM! The Ferrari 296 GTB makes its glorious debut in Rocket League! Even before Season 8 finally launches on September 7. Wow. Personally, I have a soft spot for the Italian car manufacturer – the red color and design of the sports car are simply iconic.

So, it's pretty likely that I'll be weak and get this bundle for my garage. But... for real, though... is the new Battle Car actually worth it? And what about its price? On top of that, we're going to tell you when the Ferrari 296 GTB is available in the Rocket League Item Shop. Just scroll down and keep on reading the article.

Ferrari 296 GTB In Rocket League: Everything You Need To Know

The Ferrari 296 GTB is not the first super sports car to have switched from the real-life racetrack to Rocket League. This year alone, we have already seen new collaborations between Psyonix and Formula 1 or NASCAR. Actually, there are so many Lightning McQueens in the game right now that you can easily create your own ranking:

Price And All Items In The Bundle

Of course, we want to answer the two most important questions right away: How much does the Ferrari 296 GTB Bundle cost? And what items do you actually get for your money? So as always, Psyonix is ​​not only selling the actual body, but also a few extra items with which you can pimp the car properly. You can look forward to these accessories:

  • "Ferrari 296 GTB" Engine Audio
  • "Ferrari 296 GTB" Wheels
  • Ferrari Antenna
  • "Assetto Fiorano" Decal

Let's be honest, 99% of us will probably never have the opportunity to own a Ferrari. At least in Rocket League, we have the chance to recreate this experience for 2,000 RL credits (approx. $18) now. Thanks to the engine sound, the whole Battle Car purrs like a kitten.

New Battle Car: Hitbox

Octane, Dominus or maybe Merc? Don't worry, it isn't Merc. Thank god, you can actually use the new Battle Car in the arena without having to sacrifice your Rocket League Rank. And we really don't want this to happen at the end of Season 7 – with all those sweet sweet rewards on the line.

The Ferrari 296 GTB actually comes with a Dominus hitbox. It's pretty long and flat, but it's still one of the most popular hitboxes in Rocket League. And with good reason because the large surface area makes saves like Manuel Neuer easier than ever. However, you can do a ton with it offensively as well. You just have to make sure that the ball doesn't roll over your head.

Ferrari 296 GTB Release: Start And End Dates

If you're interested in cruising through the Rocket League Arena in the new Ferrari 296 GTB, then you should log into the game within a week. The bundle will be available in the Rocket League Item Shop from August 31st – it will stay there until September 6th. If you miss this period, you'll likely have to wait a few months, or maybe even years, for a new collaboration between Psyonix and Ferrari to be announced.

That's it for the Ferrari 296 GTB Bundle. As Rocket League Season 7 slowly comes to an end, Psyonix wants to go out with a bang. This new cooperation is one of our favorites! In the coming weeks and months, we can look forward to even more awesome cars in Rocket League – we'll keep you up to date on all current bundles.