Rocket League: Double XP Event And Beach Ball LTM Announced

Psyonix has announced the Rocket League Season 7 end rewards. But not only that, we can also expect a Double XP event and a time-limited game mode.

Strandball Rocket League
Fancy some Beach Ball to close out Rocket League Season 7! | © Psyonix

Time flies so damn fast when you're having fun... Rocket League Season 7 feels like it's only just begun, but actually it's on the home stretch already. As always, Psyonix wants to go out with a bang – we can look forward to some surprises in the coming days and weeks leading up to Season 8. New seasonal rewards, a Double XP Event, and a Limited Time Mode (LTM) await!

End Of Rocket League Season 7: These Are The Rewards

If you've really stepped on the gas in Rocket League Season 7, you've most likely not only earned some great Ranked Rewards, but you can also look forward to even more amazing goodies. At the end of each season, there are some items for players who have played at least ten placement games and earned their respective rank.

To be honest, these rewards don't really stand out from the crowd but are definitely nice to have and you can flex with your rank, too. While players were rewarded with Animated Decals in Season 6, there are some sweet-looking Rocket Boosts on the menu this time around. And, of course, Psyonix has additional goodies ready for the best of the best in Rocket League.

Beach Ball LTM And Double XP Event

To really enjoy the last hot days of summer, Psyonix brings back the Beach Ball LTM to Rocket League. Here, from September 1st to September 5th, you can head to the sandy Salty Shores Arena and challenge your opponents to a match. With targeted passes, high lobs or devastating spikes, you can easily dominate in the Battle Arena.

A bit of tryharding might actually be worth it, as double XP can be earned in all Rocket League game modes during this period. So if you've been busy watching the RLCS World Championship in August, you can start your final Season 7's Rocket Pass grind. Go get those rewards!

Good to know: When Rocket League Season 7 ends, your tournament credits will also be reset. So you should spend them while you can, otherwise they will be automatically converted into the highest possible reward. Fortunately, it won't be long before we finally get new information about Season 8. Yay!