RLCS World Championship 2022: Schedule, Teams, Results And Live-Stream

The RLCS World Championship 2022 is here. The hottest Rocket League tournament of the year is just about to start, and we have the most important information about all the results, schedule and teams for you.

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The RLCS World Championship is the biggest Rocket League tournament of the year! | © Psyonix

It's time for the RLCS World Championship 2022! Of course, only players who are at the top of the Rocket League MMR leaderboard will compete in the World Championship. The level of gameplay in this tournament is obviously pretty damn high – which shouldn't come as a surprise, as it's one of the esports highlights of the year.

After following the individual Majors during the course of the Rocket League season closely, we want to keep you up to date for the RLCS World Championship as well. You can find out when the huge event starts, what the current schedule looks like, which teams have already played some of their matches and other information here. By the way, we also provide you with all the streams live-broadcasting all the action!

RLCS World Championship 2022: Dates And Facts

The RLCS World Championship is the esports highlight in Rocket League and by far the biggest tournament of the season. Here, the best teams of the past year battle it out in the arena for fame, honor, prize money and the right to call themselves World Champion.

This year's prize pool is over $2 million – the 2022 RLCS World Championship winner will go home with a staggering $600,000 in total. All matches at the biggest tournament of the year will be best of 7, so we're in for a packed few days of Rocket League action.

The Rocket League World Championship 2022 will take place from August 4th to 14th, 2022. During these 10 tournament days, all of the games are played in two separate blocks. In between, there will be a small break of two to three days so that the participants have some time to recover. So if you don't want to miss the most important games, you should probably try to keep your weekend schedule a little lighter.

RLCS WC Wildcard Matchday 1
All matchups of the first Wildcard Swiss Round. | © RL_Esports via Twitter

Rocket League World Championship: Tournament Schedule

The schedule on the official Rocket League World Championship website is really, really long and not that enjoyable to read. We'll try to break down the entire process briefly, concisely, clearly and yet completely for you.

Basically, all you need to know is that the RLCS World Championship 2022 is divided into two pieces. The Wildcard phase runs from August 4th to 7th, in which 16 teams compete against each other for the eight remaining spots in the main event. A total of eight games are played per day, two parallel running streams will cover the action. It always starts at 11 a.m. CT (9 a.m. PT/4 p.m. UTC), while the last game of the day should take place at around 2 p.m. CT (12 p.m. PT/7 p.m. UTC).

The Main Event will then take place from August 9th – that's the actual final tournament of the World Championship. Not that much is going to change here. As with the Wildcard round, the first match always starts at 11 a.m. CT (9 a.m. PT/4 p.m. UTC). The only difference is that the last day with quarterfinals, semifinals and finals should be a bit longer.

If they can stick to the current schedule of the RLCS, then the grand finale will conclude the Rocket League World Championship 2022 on August 14th at 5 p.m. CT (3 p.m. PT/10 p.m. UTC). However, since the pairings have not yet been determined and individual matches take different lengths of time, there may be minor delays here.

All Match Day Results

We will gradually add the current results of the Rocket League World Championship right here. At the top you will always find the most recently played games, for slightly older results you have to scroll down further. A little reminder: In the wildcard phase of the tournament, a total of eight games are scheduled per day, which will be played in Bo7 mode.

Wildcard: Matchday 3

RLCS Wildcard Day 3
These matchups await you on day 3 of the RLCS World Championship. | © RL_Esports via Twitter

Wildcard: Results And All Games Of Match Day 2

OpTic Gaming vs. Dignitas4-0
SMPR Esports vs. Pioneers4-0
Karmine Corp vs. Renegades4-0
Spacestation Gaming vs. Version14-2
The Club vs. Bravado Gaming4-0
01 Esports vs. Gaimin Gladiator4-0
Team Secret vs. Orlando Pirates Exdee4-0
Veloce Esports vs. Senbei Strikers4-0

Wildcard: Results And All Games Of Match Day 1

Dignitas vs. Gaimin Gladiators4-0
OpTic Gaming vs. Senbei Strikers4-0
Pioneers vs. Veloce Esports4-0
Renegades vs. Bravado Gaming4-0
SMPR Esports vs. Team Secret4-0
Version 1 vs. Orlando Pirates Exdee4-0
Karmine Corp vs. 01 Esports4-1
Spacestation Gaming vs. The Club4-2

We bolded the respective teams that won the match.

RLCS 2022 – All Teams In Wildcard And Main Event

A total of 24 teams can still dream about winning the RLCS World Championship 2022 at this point in time. But some have it much easier because they are already qualified for the Main Event – ​​the actual main tournament. Due to their outstanding performances during the season, the best of the best don't need to battle it out in the Wildcard.

Teams Rocket League World Championship
Only eight more Wildcard teams can make it to the Main Event stage. | © Rocket League

While real top-notch squads and title candidates such as Team BDS, Moist Esports or FaZe Clan are already in the main event, the wildcard is also peppered with some exciting organizations. Version1, Spacestation Gaming, Dignitas and Team Secret have already celebrated some successes over the course of the season and could potentially surprise us at the World Championship.

So you shouldn't write them off before the tournament officially begins. Any of these teams can win the tournament on a good day. As you can tell, we're already pretty hyped about the RLCS World Championship 2022!

RLCS World Championship 2022 Live Streams

Of course, the RLCS World Championship 2022 will also be broadcast live. So you can relax and play Rocket League Season 7 yourself while watching one of the official streams. Each day of the tournament will have a main stream and an alternate stream covering all games of the World Championship.

You should check out the following channels during the previously mentioned dates in order not to miss any action in the Rocket League Battle Arena:

And with that, hopefully you now know all about the RLCS World Championship 2022. With a bit of luck, your favorite team might win, and you can look forward to some brand-new Decals and Paint Finishes in Rocket League soon. The World Champs usually get a few items of their own in the game.

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