DrDisrespect Net Worth: Millionaire? Billionaire!?

Speed. Velocity. Momentum. Money. How much money does Dr Disrespect make? What's his net worth? Thousands? Millions? Billions? Trillions? Ok, let's calm down. We've got the answer for you below.

Dr Disrespect Net Worth
It's raining money for the two-time | © Dr Disrespect

The Doc has got to be one of the streamers, people miss most on Twitch. His set-up was creative, his content unique, and he himself handsome as f*ck. You would think that with the ban from Twitch, Dr Disrespect must have lost quite a lot of money, but the two-time proved again that he's indestructible, a world-class athlete, and a living legend!

He can't compare with the likes of PewDiePie or Jimmie, though:

But how much money does the two time back to back blockbuster 1993-1994 video game champion, with a deadly Ethiopian caterpillar, standing at 6’8” with a 37” vertical leap make since he moved to YouTube? What is the Doc worth?

Short answer: $6-7 million.

But... Who cares about the net worth? What we really wanna know is: How much cheddar comes rolling in yearly? Let's do the math.

What is Dr Disrespect's Net Worth & Earnings in 2022?

Since Dr Disrespect got banned from Twitch, it's much harder to estimate his earnings. Ad Block, YouTube Premium and other factors make it very, very hard to get a solid number on his YouTube earnings, but if we go by views alone, a fair assumption would be to say that the two-time makes $2000 a day on YouTube.

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That would make him about $60,000 a month. This is, through a combination of streams, videos and ads. On Twitch, the Doc earned about $35,000 through subscriptions alone, so the ban pretty much cut his revenue in half. But the two-time doesn't stay down, he only gets back up stronger!

I mean, he could just play in the NFL:

If you multiply his YouTube income per month to work out a yearly salary, you arrive at over $700,000 dollars, and because we were feeling broke af as it was, we're just gonna stop with the math here. One can only imagine how much he'd be making if he didn't get banned on Twitch. That would be almost double that number! On the other hand, a lot of YouTube only guys, like Jimmie, make more than enough money. And now the Doc is one of them.

Guess you need 100 million subscribers, though, to compare to Jimmie:

Anyway, his total net worth is probably around $7 million. This also considers his social media revenue.

An impressive figure, GG Doc.