Is Dr. Disrespect Joining The San Francisco 49ers?

Dr. Disrespect was part of a huge announcement, the San Francisco 49ers made on Twitter. The announcement: Dr. Disrespect will join the 40ers in their training camp.

Dr Disrespect
Dr. Disrespect joins the 49ers for their training camp | © MLG

Just a few days ago, the San Francisco 49ers announced on Twitter, that The Two Time, the legend, Dr. Disrespect, will be joining their training camp.

This is big! The best video gamer on the planet just proved, that he is the best football player on the planet as well. The 49ers posted a video on their Twitter, showing the streamer in his typical outfit. After disappearing behind the door, he emerges again, wearing the team's famous red jersey.

When The Two Time retweeted the post, his fans went nuts, probably because finally, they can see their icon using at least 10% of his powers. The 6ft8 machine went full super saiyan on the field, demolishing records left and right. But as to not destroy the professional player's egos, he only posted one of his more easy going throws on Twitter.

He truly is "the most ruthless, athletic competitor in game history" as he proclaims in his Twitter profile. But he is also benevolent, not going too hardcore on those poor NFL pros.

During his time at the training camp where he schooled some rookies, he also interacted with people like Joe Staley and impressed others like Pat McAffee. The former NFL talent, and now WWE star, was quick to react and proved, that he knows his stuff on his show. When his co-host A.J. Hawk made it obvious that he didn't know Dr. Disrespect, Pat McAffee chewed him out.

What are you talking about? This guy is [the] two-time. Back to back. [He] just dominates and wins everything. He’s a champion, an athlete, a stallion. DrDisrespect would be your step daddy if he wanted to be.

Man, McAffee really knows what he is talking about! Seems like he is part of the Champions Club. He calls Dr. Disrespect's 65-yard throw "a f**cking dime" and calls him "one of the most electrifying human [he's] ever laid eyes on." I guess that's what you call fangirling.

But what else can you do when The Two Time makes his presence known and asserts dominance? With that right cannon of an arm, he might just actually join a football team. He isn't though, he was just participating in a training camp.