Amouranth Is Leaving...

Amouranth has been making crash on OnlyFans, but it seems she now has other plans and is joining a rival platform for development.

Amouranth pregnant
Amouranth is making her own content platform | © Twitch/Amouranth

As the now most watched female streamer on Twitch, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has shown us, that she knows how to make it big. The 28-year-old has an impressive 5.7 million followers on Twitch alone and has always been well known for her more sexual type of content.

With this, she was able to dominate the hot-tub meta on Twitch and became the biggest female streamer on the platform. When she announced her OnlyFans, people were going apeshit insane, which reflects in her earnings from the platform, with a whopping $1.5 million USD a month. This just makes me question my existence and consider creating an OnlyFans account myself.

We actually managed to get an interview with Amouranth and asked her some questions on how she views her career:

Amouranth Is Leaving OnlyFans

As of August 11 though, Amouranth announced on Twitter, that she will be joining Shush Club, a rival platform to OnlyFans.

She has been well known to invest her earnings and all in all, being very business orientated. Therefore, I'm sure she thought this through and will be profiting well from this.

In her announcement, she says Sush Club will be a total game changer:

With instant payouts, and a marketing portal that will actually connect creators with affiliate marketing and advertising deals

It seems to be a more creator friendly platform, that might just dethrone OnlyFans. We don't know much about Sush Club just yet, but if they are able to entice creators with their instant payouts and no chargeback's policy, they might just be able to do it.

Well it's been fun while it lasted | © Twitch/Amouranth

OnlyFans has had their fair share of questionable decisions, that left creators worried, like banning sexual content off the platform for a while? I mean, what were they thinking? That's the only reason they are successful in the first place. If they make another weird, whimsical and drastic decision like that, they will definitely lose their creators to the competition.