Amouranth Quits OnlyFans

Controversial streamer and YouTuber Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has announced her retirement from OnlyFans.
Amouranth onlyfans quit
Amouranth is quitting OnlyFans and pivoting to a focus on Twitch and unannounced new projects. | © Amouranth

Amouranth, a Streamer and YouTuber who has made her name with an OnlyFans career that has reportedly made her a multi-millionaire, has announced that she is leaving the platform in only a few short months. The move, according to the popular content creator, is to pivot into a "different" kind of content, and presumably walk away from the sexually explicit career she has forged on OnlyFans.

Apparently, this career pivot will shift into the realm of "legacy media". This is a curious statement, as it implies that Amouranth will moving towards content more commonly expected from - as she says - legacy media outlets like radio, television and (most traditionally) newspapers.

It seems a bit strange that Amouranth would shift to something like this, but it wouldn't be without precedent. Over her career as an e-girl, Amouranth has been known to speak out about social issues and politics. It was only earlier this month that she bought $2 Million USD in Activision stock in a bid to improve the culture at the company, and last month she backed up some pretty controversial opinions from Kim Kardashian.

Amouranth Quits OnlyFans for a Career "Pivot"

Amouranth announced her departure via Twitter this week, revealing that she has made a large investment in getting her Twitch content off the ground. She expressed that things are still rather uncertain and that she won't know if her plans are destined for success until she has taken the dive.

The outcome is binary. Either it works, or it doesn’t. We’re all-in. I’ve often talked about a career pivot. But I’ve sort of been picking my spot, investing, accruing capital, and deploying it when opportunities make sense.

More investment will also go into "content different from anything" Amouranth's "ever made". What makes her announcement so exciting for the online influencer domain is her apparent commitment to "moving 'influencer' and 'creator economy' into what is traditionally the domain and competency of legacy media".

We're not really sure what this could mean, but will certainly be interesting to see whether Amouranth will utilize her social consciousness to produce content that perhaps uses what she terms as the "competency of legacy media" to move above and beyond her OnlyFans experiences.

When Will Amouranth Leave OnlyFans?

Amouranth has confirmed that she will be leaving OnlyFans in June. She has stated that her next big announcement will occur between the dates of June 15 and June 17, so we imagine that these will be the more precise dates of her departures. Apparently, she will be quitting "cold turkey" from being an e-Girl, and will be going "out with a bang" in her last few OnlyFans streams.